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Posted 2010.05.03 11.32 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I’m just going to come out and say it. This new Dr. Who is not impressing me. Yeah, not only am I geeky enough to watch the series, but I’m geeky enough to comment on it here on teh interwebz. (Caution: spoilerz ahead.)

I’ve only seen three episodes so far; the one where he first appears, the one with the space whale, and the one with the daleks. I’ve also seen the endless promotional clips they’re running on Space of course. (Why do they  have a clip of him aiminig a gun?! The doctor doesn’t like guns, doesn’t use guns. When the last doctor took up a gun in his last episode, it was supposed to be a big huge thing, to show just how desperate things had become. And even then, he didn’t  actually shoot anyone, he shot a machine.)

The first ep wasn’t too bad, the new doctor was a bit flakey but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because he had just regenerated and that’s supposed to leave him messed up for a while. (Back in the old days, he had to have like a week or two of bedrest after a regeneration.) I liked the new companion, Amy Pond, and the writers seemed to be setting up some interesting arc stuff for the season – i.e. the cracks in the wall and the bad guy telling the doctor that the cracks are appearing all over, on their own. There was some suspense, the whole unseen-monster-ish kind of thing. On the other hand there were some stupid cheap-laughs kind of things, like the internet wanker having to help save the world with all the world leaders. Still, like I said, new doctor, first ep, so cut it some slack.

The second ep felt a bit filler-ish, although it did feel like it started out ok. More suspense, the voting thing where everyone chose to forget, the smiler guys. Then it seemed to fall apart, the doctor got all emotional and moody, and chose an action that I suppose he thought was the lesser of two evils, but that doesn’t feel like the doctor, the doctor usually finds the option that noone else thinks of. This time it was Amy who did that and saved the day.

Then this third ep with the daleks. Ugh. First off, how many times can they say the daleks are totally wiped out, then keep bringing them back? I get that they’re great villains, but if you want to keep using them, don’t keep telling us they’re totally wiped out. The doctor was a huge disappointment again this ep. Throwing a temper tantrum, hitting a dalek with a wrench, jumping up and down and yelling at it… I don’t remember if it’s been mentioned since they revived the show with Eccleston, but a dalek gun kills time lords dead. No regeneration. If you remember how Eccleston reacted to seeing a dalek (before he realized it was broken)… well having this new guy throwing a hissy fit like that infront of a couple daleks (not to mention the Churchill caricature) just felt pathetic.

Then Amy Pond saved the day again, twice in this episode. She got the scientist guy to get to work, and in the space what felt like one commercial break he had retrofitted three spitfires into space fighters, and built a space-radio tuned to the dalek frequency. The man works fast – imagine what he could have done if he hadn’t had a hand shot off.

Then when it turned out that he was a bomb and the daleks started the countdown to blow up the world, things got really confusing. Scientist guy was an android built and programmed by the daleks, with a bomb in his chest that could destroy the earth. And the doctor’s solution was to use some kind of psychology to convince the guy that he was actually human? And that would stop the bomb? The doctor failed but then Amy did the same thing, only prettier, and this time it worked and the bomb didn’t go off. Though it meant the daleks escaped. Again.

Hello? The daleks tell you they have a superbomb that fits in a convenient man-shaped package, they tell you where it is, and they tell you that it’s on a countdown timer. Was I the only one thinking we should give the scientist a handshake then a quick TARDIS ride up to the dalek ship? Leave him in a closet or something? Let the big boom take out the daleks. Problem solved.

Two other things to comment on, one bad and one hopeful. This is the third time they’ve had the doctor show up late. In the first ep he was off by 12 years, then another year or two after that – both times he meant to go for 5 minutes. This time, he responded to a phone call from the Churchill caricature, and arrived a month late. I hope they aren’t going to make this into a running-gag that he’s always getting the landings wrong. They did that back in the 70s or 80s, when Sarah Jane Smith was his companion. It was only mildly interesting back then. If they plan to make this guy unable to navigate, they’d better have a good reason for it, after the last two were pretty accurate, most of the time.

The other thing, is that crack in the universe. I didn’t notice if there was one in the space-whale ep, but I did see it in the dalek ep. I hope they’re going somewhere good with that. I can think of several possibilities, some good and some corny. Oh and that business with Amy not remembering the hundred times the daleks attacked earth… I hope that’s going somewhere good too.

Rant over.


  1. Lezley says:

    Doctor Who! Doctor Who! I LOVE Doctor Who!! I’m still missing my #10… but what can you do?
    What’d’ya think of the season finale?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Which season finale? The mat smith finale hasn’t aired yet, it’s like 2 weeks away or something. I’m a bit spoiled for the details but I guess I’ll watch it.

    I haven’t been watching all of them, I’ve missed a couple eps but I’ve read the recaps at TWOP. I’m glad that the cracks have been leading to something but they haven’t said anything about his poor steering.

    I wonder if there’s going to be some big connection with Amy, like something that predates her own existance. I’m thinking of the ‘duck pond with no ducks’ and ‘amy pond’. Pond, pond. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Amy, or Amelia, means ‘work’, ‘industrious’, ‘fertile’.. no clues there I guess? I don’t know…

    And who’s that River Song person? I vaguely remember her from an episode with the last guy, but maybe I missed out on something as I got the impression the audience was supposed to know who she is and all.

    I’d like to see Jenny come back (the doctor’s daughter). She was fun, and she’s out rnning around saving the universe. It’d be cool if she came back into it.

  3. Lezley says:

    Oh yah… I’m finished up with the season. You have clearly been paying more attention to each episode than I do. I’m normally painting or drawing while I ‘watch’ (listen), so I don’t think I’m getting all the same detail that you’re picking up.

    “Hello Sweetie…” It’s a neat story of River Song. She’s the Doctor’s wife in the future. She knows his real name.

    Discuss when you’ve watched the season finale.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I remember from the episode a while back that she knew his name, and that it was hinted or suggested she was his wife… then in the recent Angels episode (*) they said she had killed a great man, a hero, and the cleric guy said the doctor wouldn’t be happy if he knew what she did. I figure they meant that River actually killed the doctor, that her relationship with him was one of killer rather than wife… though could be both I guess.

    * the original Angels episode “Blink” was great i thought – perfect amount of suspense, fear and mystery. The recent one seemed a lot more bland, with a lot of changes to how the angels worked and what they did. To me, Blink was white-knuckle edge-of-your-seat watching, but the new angel episode was a mix of blah and wtf.

  5. Lezley says:

    I agree about the Angels episode. I TOTALLY was crapping my pants.

    I’m interested to see what happens with River Song… I hope it’s in another regeneration of the Doctor, ‘cuz he’s too much of a baby in the current incarnation.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’ve seen a few theories about River. One is that it could really be a regeneration of Romana, from way back when, although I’ve also read that this is not possible as whoever created that character or owns the copyright to that character has not allowed the new series to have her. Though River might still be an incarnation of the character but they won’t be allowed to directly reference the earlier name or something like that.

    Another theory was that River could be the last incarnation of the doctor – according to the old canon, time lords get twelve incarnations, and the current one is number eleven. Not sure how that would fit into the theory that River maybe kills the doctor or maybe has a relationship with him, but if she was him then that would be a pretty close relationship. I’ve seen a few other theories too… but nothing that really adds up with what I’ve seen or read.

    p.s I don’t always pay close attention when it’s on tv but I do read the recaps and those people pay very close attention. 😉

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