Dingux – Keeping Me Out Of Trouble

Posted 2010.05.05 10.45 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

So the first couple weeks with my Dingoo, I was messing with the native firmware, doing some hacks and coming up with a nice theme/skin for it, that sort of thing. I knew you could run Linux on there but I was sort of avoiding it, trying to just stick to the native firmware.

Then I started looking for a game, to take the place of Star Trek: Tactical Assault on the DS. Something that I could pick up and play for 5 or 10 minutes then leave, something that had challenging fly-around-and-shoot-stuff combat, but didn’t have a huge backstory or a long story-mode. (Yeah I know ST:TA has that, but I never play it, I just use Skirmish mode. I get a ship, the computer gets a ship, and we slug it out.)

So after a bunch of trial and error, it boiled down to an oldie-but-goodie: Star Control 2. Or rather, the modern opensource remake, Ur-Quan Masters. Yeah, long drawn-out story mode. Skip that: Super Melee mode. I get 14 ships. The computer gets 14 ships. We slug it out. Brilliant. The only catch? It’s not available for native firmware, only Dingux – that’s what they call Linux on the Dingoo.

So for the past two weeks or so, I’ve been messing around with Dingux. I knew this would happen, this is why I was trying not to do Dingux. I’ve been modifying the file system, hacking & compiling new kernels, recompiling & modding some of the games, looking through all the various sources I can find.

I’ve set up the bootloader with the Linux-priority version, but if I find the bootloader sources I plan to tweak it so it’s linux-only. I haven’t been in the native firmware for days, no need any more.

Amid all my poking around, I found that there were some issues with the menu program that I was using, which I wanted to address. I found the sources, and got to it. I’ve tweaked a bunch of things, added some features, and now I think it’s really slick. As soon as I’ve made sure it’s bug-free, I plan to share the results and the modified sources so others can enjoy it too. The new-and-improved dmenu. 🙂

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  1. Mikhail says:

    Dear Stephanie! Please, excuse me for my poor english.I am Mikhail, and I have bye A330. After I read some posts and articles, i unbreak my Dingoo sucsessfully, but now i can not set DINGUX.
    If it possible for guru and witch as You are, answer please on 3 questions:
    1.Before i set Dingux, i must have on it only a native, not unbricked firmware?
    2.What i must have on SD-card for sucsessfull installation(about all pack – kernel +)and from where i can it download?
    3.How can i install Dingux with Science kernel?
    I and my son will be lucky, if I install Dingux on these device sucsesfully.
    Thanks and excuses, but i cant find real instructions anywhere.
    With thanks and best wishes, Mikhail

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