Snaily Eggy Madness

Posted 2010.05.06 22.19 in Aquaria by Stephanie

It’s like they want to repopulate the Earth with snails. They’re laying, and laying, and laying…

I had 15 clutches in a single week. Some crummy photos below the fold.

Not long ago I saw two of them having some kind of egg-laying race, although I think the one on the right had a head start…

Sorry for the bad pic, they typically lay at night so the lights were off and the flash was pretty overwhelming.

Then in other news, I actually got a dark snail to lay eggs! Well, not that I actually did anything or played any part in it… but I got proof! Blurry proof!

Another shot taken in total darkness, with the flash blasting everything out. It’s hard to focus in total darkness, you know!

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