What if 2012 Came Early?

Posted 2010.06.01 10.34 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

This morning on my drive to work, I suddenly wondered, what if the end of the world came early?

Like, all the doomsday talk seems to be about December 21st, 2012. Mayan calendars and Nostradamus and whatever. So everyone thinks there’s another 2 1/2 years to get ready or prepare or live it up or what-not.

It’d be all like WTF if the world ended ahead of schedule, and all the prophesy folks would be right and wrong at the same time and everyone would be annoyed because armageddon came early.


  1. Sodor says:

    There will never be an end of the world, when the end is early, all the people begin to comport differently so the end will never come, I don’t know why… but it works!!!!

    err… examples??

    Year Description
    999 (the first of all “end of the world”… FAIL!!!)
    1995 (Halley comet, scientists suppose “it will strike the Earth”, Jupiter save the day)
    1999 (New millenia)
    2000 (Corrections: new century on the first year)
    2001 (Correction fails)
    2012 (Mayan predictions)
    2018 (??? I heard from someone)
    2060 (Newton’s favorite)

    In all the cases the people felt fear and then they comport different, and the same will occur in those years that still haven’t happened. Is the same that Scot Adams (Dilbert author) say’s in one of her books.

    And finally my own “end of the world” prediction:

    2041. Why? because in Mexico (my country) 41 is a number related to Gay people, So 2041 will be the year in that all the men in the world (with exception of my) became Gay and then the reproduction of the human will stop and finally extinction… XD hahahaha nah it’s a joke

    1. Sodor says:

      Ignore 1999 ¬¬, add the 1999 description to the begin of the description for 2000.

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