Whaddaya Do with a Dingoo?

Posted 2010.06.08 10.17 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Aside from hardware hacking or mucking about with the kernel and bootloader, that is?

I play Ur-Quan Masters, aka Star Control 2. I don’t play the long adventure/campaign/story stuff, I just play the Super Melee mode. The computer gets some ships, I get some ships, and we fight it out till one side is defeated. UQM is available for Linux through various distros.

I also play Tank Commander, a Battle-Zone-like game made for the GameBoy Advance. It’s my favorate GBA game, though sometimes it is a bit frustrating (three gold enemies in a row, and no shield upgrades?!) Tank Commander is a GBA home-brew, and a very fine one at that.

Then there’s a blast from the past, Solar Striker, an official Nintendo game for the original GameBoy. I used to play this back in the early 90’s and now I can play it again, on my Dingoo. Take that, evil alien cabbages! Mind you, after 20 years I’ve only got as far as halfway through level 3…

I also use Viewimage to show off some of my photographs or whatever, albeit in 320×240 miniaturized glory.

Those are the main ones. Aside from that, there’s about 10,000 other games that can be played, what with all the emulators and ports and stuff. I also play R-Type on the SNES emulator, 1942 on the GBC emulator, and a few other games. Nearly endless possibilities, really.


  1. mesh says:

    Since I’ve got Dingoo (about a month ago) I played GBA Rebelstar Tactical Command, a turn-based strategic game. And all this time I was thinking about Dingux and custom firmwares. Yesterday I successfully installed penguinOS to Dingoo today was a firmware’s turn ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I’m stuck with it. All native firmwares work fine (I tried about four of them from 1.03 to 1.22), but if any change is made in a firmware (hxftool_v0.6) Dingoo freezes while loading. Also, I tried customs: POF Firmware and a320-1.03TD-3 from Dingoonity. Both didn’t work for me, same thing – they are freezing on logo.
    Maybe I have outdated tools or do something wrong (for example, I don’t understand how to pack to .hxf with hxfextract tool, it has RePack option). A lack of knowledge in coding and same things gives me a very little chance to understand what’s wrong, I have to search’n’search’n’search with Google for any solution.
    That’s how I have fun with my Dingoo! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. Stephanie says:

    Having it freeze on boot at the logo usually means there’s a problem with the startup/shutdown images. They have to be formatted in a specific way, I think it is bmp-16 (565) format.

    The hxfextract tool, if it’s the same thing I’m thinking of, when you extract an hxf it creates a directory called “out”. To repack, you have to rename that directory “in” and then it will suck everything back in and write it to an hxf file.


    1. mesh says:

      >Having it freeze on boot at the logo usually means thereโ€™s a problem with the startup/shutdown images.
      I know about this but I didn’t change these images. I only correct language bugs (like “interesting game” to “ROMs”)
      Thanks for advice with hxfextract tool, I’ll try it a bit later.

  3. xdpirate says:

    Gaming and software tinkering.

    I mainly play SNES, Mario no Super Picross, just completed Chrono Trigger for the first time (I’ve played it loads before, but never gotten around to actually complete the storyline), and I’m playing through Earthbound.

    When not playing, I like to make little stupid programs for it. As you can see on my Google Code page, I’ve created a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and some other more or less useful apps.

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