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Air-Conditioner Air

Posted 2010.07.24 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

With the summer heat finally kicking in, about a week or two ago I relented and turned on the A/C. The temperature was routinely in the mid-80’s and the occupants of my aquariums were starting to sweat and pant.

Yesterday though, I decided I’d had enough of air-conditioner air. I don’t like the smell of it. So I shut it down and opened all the windows. It got me thinking though… where does air-conditioner air come from?

Does it get sucked in from outside, chilled down, then blown into the house? Or is it air that’s already in the house, chilled then just blown around inside?

I suspect it’s the latter… recycled air.

What would be neat, like for the next big thing in air-conditioning, would be this: Inside the A/C unit would be a little wormhole-generator, and a strong fan. And when you turn it on, what it does is, it opens up a wormhole to Antarctica, and the fan cranks up and starts pulling in icy-cold Antarctic air. Fresh, pure, and cold!

There’d be a filter or something so that any penguins or scientific researchers that got accidentally drawn in through the wormhole would be safely extracted and ejected to land in the drive-way, so as not to end up clogging up the duct-work.

That’s what I want in an air-conditioner. Fresh, pure, icy-cold Antarctic air.

Actually we could use the same mini-wormhole technology in refridgerators too! They’d go back to being iceboxes, but instead of getting our ice from a guy making weekly deliveries, whenever the icebox detected it was low on ice, it’d open up a little wormhole and suck a hunk of ice in from the Antarctic ice sheets.

There’s a lot of great ways this kind of technology could be used. Maybe in the winter, you turn a dial and redirect the wormhole to somewhere hot and suck in hot air? Or suck in a glob of hot magma from deep under the Earth’s crust, then just draw outside air in over the magma glob, heating the air that then heats the house.

The possibilities are endless!

In the Between

Posted 2010.07.19 11.44 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s a feeling as much as a time. Perhaps even more.

After too late, but before too early.

When everything is dark and calm, and the air is quiet with a sense of expectation.

Where insomnia and depression intermingle and become indistinct.

Even the rain tapers off, grows hesitant, then stops, as if waiting.

The night feels like it will drag on forever, and the sense of expectation grows stronger.

As if something is about to happen – a decision, a choice, a change.

In the between, the world stands still.

The moment is brief, yet seems endless.

With a sigh, the rain gradually resumes. The night wears on.

No decision, indecision. Deciding not to decide.

Out of the between, into the early morning.

I have no point; only a collection of thoughts that don’t translate well to prose.

Wisdom Worth Repeating

Posted 2010.07.16 13.03 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Rage Against the Wireless Machine

Posted 2010.07.14 12.11 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

So this is my latest masterpiece, right?

I call it “Rage Against the Wireless Machine”. See, it’s supposed to symbolize the eternal struggle between network admins and the machines they must work with every day.

Rage Against the Wireless Machine - Click for Full Size

This particular piece is mixed-media, comprised primarily of fibreglass, copper, and plastic. Inspiration came to the artist during a discrepancy over IP addresses. The artist’s vision was realized through the expert use of a 16oz claw hammer. Size, approx. 6″ x 4″, excluding antenna. Currently on exhibition in an IT environment, where it may serve as an inspiration to staff, and a warning to equipment.

Bump in the Night

Posted 2010.07.13 0.22 in Spiritual by Stephanie

Or actually more of a scraaaaaape Crash! in the night.

You know how it is when you’re in bed, at long last starting to drift off, when you hear a really big clatter somewhere close? So you have to get up out of bed, turn on the lights, and try and figure out what happened?

Like thinking, was it a lamp falling over? Did the cats knock over the coat-tree? It sounded so close, maybe it was in the bedroom?

No, everything looks where it should. So you check the bathroom, the purple room, the kitchen.

Then you see one of the cats looking around with a WTF? expression, she heard it but doesn’t know what it was. The other cat is hiding or sleeping or something.

Finally you find the source of the noise; it was just a drinking glass. It was left on the desk, and has been pushed to the edge and then fell to the floor. Not broken fortunately, just laying on its side on the floor near the desk.

So you put the glass in the sink and go back to bed to start over with trying to fall asleep.

You know what I mean? I hate when that happens.

Oh and then to top it off, when you’re laying in bed with the laptop blogging about the first noise, then you hear a second one? Like some sort of punchline…

Whenever I think about moving glassware, I think about seances and ouiji boards and that tv show Most Haunted.

I wonder why they use glass. Perhaps because of it’s resistive properties; it is very electrically resistant. Glass is used in modern electronics, and was used back in the early days of electrical experimentation. Not to mention, glass is made out of the same stuff that computer chips are.

There may have been a point in there somewhere. I thought I had more to write on the subject but now it escapes me.

Four More Years…

Posted 2010.07.12 8.39 in Pointless Blather, Sports by Stephanie

Well it’s over. After England went out, I ended up rooting for the Netherlands. So I’m disappointed that the Oranje got so far, only to lose out in the end.

They had a good run though, with a nice long winning-streak before it all came to an end yesterday at Soccer City.

Well, perhaps 2014 will be the year. Or who knows, maybe England will do better next time around.

Still Here

Posted 2010.07.05 9.16 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Well Canada Day came and went, as did the I’m-not-working-today-Friday, and then the weekend. Four-day weekends are nice. Very nice. Too nice. I could get used to that. No, I am used to that.

A huge thank-you to my friends and family who came to visit on Canada Day, and who helped out with so much stuff and in so many ways. I get to feeling like everyone else does all the work, all I do is provide a venue and a few snacks and things while everyone else makes it happen. Makes me feel guilty. Next year, either I wanna be healthy and energetic enough to actually throw the party, or I don’t want to do it at all.

Speaking of health… I ran out of cryptospam on Canada Day and took till yesterday to get my new perscription filled. I still haven’t taken it though, so going on four days since suddenly not having the anti-depressants in me.

At first it felt ok, there was a little boost of energy and my mood wasn’t too bad. Then the dizziness started, and the mood-swings, and now I’m just feeling listless and cruddy. Though I’m also at work, which may play a small part in that.

Sigh.¬†I guess I’d better start taking it again, just in case.

Still no progress on the ‘Darkest Post’ stuff, just procrastination and denial.