Evil Invisible Gnomes

Posted 2010.08.30 16.27 in DID, Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So last night while I was laying in bed, it suddenly occured to me that Ouch, normally the bedsheet does not cause me any pain in the knee. So why was my knee all sore and tender now?

Today I had a look and my knee is all black and blue and purple, like someone had at it with a stick or club or something.

Now I don’t recall any kind of beat-down, nor for that matter do I remember taking any unexpected trips to the ground. So this can only be the result of one thing:

Evil Invisible Garden Gnomes.

They’re sneaking into my house at night and beating me with sticks while I’m asleep.

I know they’re invisible because I can’t see any garden gnomes in the neighborhood when I look for them. And I surmise that they are evil because they’re invisible, and therefore they can be evil and get away with it.

Plus, if they were friendly or visible garden gnomes, I’d like to think they would sneak in and clean my house while I slept, rather than pummel me with blunt objects.

Here is photographic proof: You can clearly see that no friendly or visible garden gnomes exist. Therefore the only garden gnomes in this photo are the evil invisible variety. It is conclusive!

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  1. Violet says:

    This one references something kind of existentially terrifying, but disguises it in a lot of silliness.

    Discovering serious injuries that you do not remember getting, is a sort of common occurance for people with DID. Another part / personality takes over the body and you ‘disappear’ into amnesia / missing time. They go out and get hurt, then when you come back you have no memory of getting the injury.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean anything actually bad happened. It can be something very simple like clumsiness. Eg. child parts don’t know how big adult bodies are.

    At the end of the day though, you discover some significant damage and don’t know how it got there, and it’s very very upsetting.

    She didn’t blog it but something like this happened at TCAF in 2016:
    While walking around TCAF looking at the exhibitors, she noticed a sharp stinging pain in her shin. When she got back to the car she checked, and found a big bruise and gash in her leg, but she had no idea how it happened. Somehow between parking the car and getting to the exhibitors tables, she fell, or walked into something sharp, or who knows, maybe she got kicked in the leg by someone really angry lol.

    However it happened, she wound up with a nasty and obvious injury to her lower leg, but absolutely no idea when or how it happened. This bothered her for at least a week, every time she saw or felt it she’d worry about how she’d gotten it.

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