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Those Darn iPods

Posted 2010.09.27 10.11 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

What is it about those crazy iPods? They just don’t wanna stay put-together!

This was iPodasaurus, a third-generation iPod, from the days when 40GB was top-of-the-line, black and white was all the rage, and USB was called Firewire.

PassGenR 2.0 Submitted

Posted 2010.09.26 11.27 in iPhone by Stephanie

This morning I submitted the 2.0 upgrade of PassGenR to the App Store.

I hope to hear back from them within the week, if it’s been approved or not.

As usual all the processes seemed different, it seems like a lot has changed since my last brush with the App Store last year.

I’ll update my PassGenR app page shortly, with the new screenshots, icon, and all the new details on usage and features et cetera.

PassGenR Update in the Works

Posted 2010.09.24 8.07 in iPhone by Stephanie

After what seems like about a year and a half, I’ve finally gotten back to doing some programming for the iPhone / iDevices.

My very first iPhone app, PassGenR, has had a long list of upgrades waiting for it since April 2009. At long last I’ve decided to get that done. I’ve been on it over the past several days, and it’s now in the testing stages. Hopefully I’ll be ready to submit the new version to Apple over the weekend.

Among the new features / improvements are:

  • Passwords can be copied to clipboard
  • Passwords can be sent by eMail
  • Passwords can be sent by SMS
  • History area doubled
  • Added Hexidecimal option to password parameters
  • Improved graphics & new icon

The app is built for iOS 4.x but will still work on devices running iOS 3.x.

As always, PassGenR will remain completely free – and there are no adverts or anything else. I hate ‘free’ apps that bombard you with ads, so I’ll never do that myself.

I’ll post an update once it’s in Apple’s hands, and another once the update is released on the App store.

The Line

Posted 2010.09.23 9.15 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

This week, I feel as if I’ve crossed a line.

For a long time, I’ve been dealing with various health issues which, taken together, I would describe as making me feel unhealthy. This week I feel like things have just teetered over the edge from unhealthy, to dying.

I don’t mean to be alarmist. I’m not saying that some doctor has stamped a Best Before date on me or anything.

It’s just a sort of semi-subtle sensation, if you’ll forgive the alliteration (hey it rhymes!), that I’ve shifted from living with poor health to dying of poor health.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. It actually makes me feel just a little bit of concern. Makes me very slightly inclined to try and do something about it.

Anyhow, no panic. I’m not going anywhere for some time yet, it’s just a feeling I had.

C & H

Posted 2010.09.19 9.09 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

This may come as a shock to many of you, but the truth is… I have a strange sense of humour.┬áSome might say it’s warped or twisted, or perhaps even sprained.

Having got that out in the open, it should come as no surprise then that I find the webcomics at Cyanide and Happiness to be quite entertaining.

Yes, it consists primarily of crudely-drawn stick-figure type illustrations. But it’s consistent, and the humour is, shall we say, off-beat. So go check it out. It’s worth a guilty giggle or two.


100% Pure

Posted 2010.09.18 7.05 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Transmissions from Planet Stephanie has been brought to you this week by the constant ringing in my ears, and Hamster Balls ‘n Sauce!

100% pure ground hamstermeat, formed into cute little hamster-shaped balls then deep-fried, and finally smothered in a very special hamster sauce. It’s micro-wavable, and ready in just 5 minutes!

Broken Pen

Posted 2010.09.14 21.13 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Now this time, it’s totally not what you think! I didn’t break it — I took it apart to fix it.


See, I have this Wacom Bamboo Tablet for doing drawing on the computer. I’ve only just started playing with it a couple weeks ago. But I don’t have enough desk space to keep it out all the time, so when it’s not in use, I store it in a ‘cubbyhole’ in the hutch on my desk. So far, so good.

The tablet has a pen. The special pen that makes the tablet go. The pen is all full of delicate electronics, but it’s very lightweight, and rolls easily, and is not attached in any way to any thing…

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