Where’s AppleSnail.net at?

Posted 2010.09.03 12.00 in Aquaria, Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

It’s been a full week now since the website AppleSnail.net went down. I’m experiencing withdrawl. I need my snail-based chat fix.

Other people have noticed it is absent too – there are threads at Fishlore and Arachnoboards asking after AppleSnail.net. I don’t actually frequent either of those places, but my desperate Googling for AppleSnail.net related news found me those threads.

I miss all the regulars on the forum. I miss reading and talking snail exploits.

This morning when I woke up, I found one of my snails slowly sliming its way across my livingroom floor! I was shocked. Who can I tell about that? Where can I share pictures of baby snails?

I hope Applesnail.net comes back soon. I hope it’s not a permanent problem.

If not, I wonder if there’s a way to hook up with all the people from there? Like an emergency-backup forum for staying in touch?


  1. Jessica Wang says:

    I am also in AppleSnail.net withdrawal! WHERE DID THE SITE GO? 🙁 I’m so sad….

    1. Stephanie says:

      I tried sending a message to Stijn today. I don’t know if it will get to him.

      It looks like it’s a DNS failure, the name servers for his domain seem to have vanished. If that’s all then with luck it could come back if he can change to a different DNS company.

      Hopefully everything is ok with him and his family.

      And hopefully the site will come back… I miss all the great folks there!

  2. BugBarb says:

    I have been drawn back in to the world of applesnails after a long absence. I saw some snails at WalMart, most dead…..a couple barely alive. I bought 3 and one survived. I bought 2 more at Pasadena Tropical Fish. Somewhere I got a different variety of pond snail. Colorless and clear.

    Like you, I keep tryin applesnail.net, thinking it is a problem with my computer. Who else understands the excitement that comes from swishing a ripe egg case around in the water and watching the babies fall like gravel to the bottom of the baby saver net nursery?
    Has anyone tried emailing Stijn?
    I think it was Stijn@applensail.net…I’ll try.

    Maybe I’ll start a facebook page in the name of my snails.

  3. Jessica Wang says:

    I found this post and it was rather reassuring:

    As some of you know, applesnail.net has been offline for over a week now. It isn’t gone for good. The owner of the site had some problems with his host and with the subsequent changing of servers. It’s on its way back online, though – shouldn’t be much longer now.

    Since the owner, administrators, and moderators have no way to contact general membership at the moment, thought you guys might like to know what was going on in case you were trying to access the site.


  4. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing that information Jessica! That is very reassuring indeed.

  5. Applesnail.net is back online!

    I’m Stijn Ghesquiere, the author and maintainer of applesnail.net.

    The site had been down for 2 week because the hosting company ran into trouble (a dispute and a worker pulling the plugs out and taking some servers with him). Anyway a big mess. And it took quite some time to transfer applesnail.net to another server. But is done now!
    A new server, with a much more reliable connection and a better hosting company. I can finally look forward again!


    1. Stephanie says:

      Yay!!! Thank you Stijn for the info. What a mess, that must have been a nightmare for yourself and the other clients of the former company.

      So glad to hear the site is back up and running – I’m on my way there now!


  6. BugBarb says:

    Thatis about the sum of my emotions!
    Thanks Stijn for being an ever-present force for good in the applesnail world.

  7. Yes… I agree… we all need to be friends OUTSIDE of applesnail.net so that way if anything like that happens again (Hopefully not!) we can all still chat and converse! 🙂

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