Snails n Bettas

Posted 2010.09.12 20.32 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Today there were some good “Kodak moments” in the aquariums… first my betta girls were mugging it up for the camera, then I got some good shots in the snail tank.

About the betta girls: I have four female bettas sharing a tank. They all came from the same brood (or litter or whatever its called) so they’re all sisters, were raised together and were living together along with a few dozen other sisters before I adopted them. So they’ve always been accustomed to each other and consequently they seem to be fairly tolerant of each other. They do have little chases now and then, and do flare at each other now and then, but generally they get along. Three are red with blue highlights and the fourth is blue with red highlights.

About the snails: This afternoon there was something of a “feeding frenzy” – albeit a slow, snail-paced frenzy. A couple snails were looking hungry so I tossed in some shrimp pellets… a food I normally don’t feed the snails. Well, they went nuts for it. Soon everyone was crawling over everything looking for shrimp. I had to put in a handful more pellets to ensure everyone got some. It was madness… slow motion, snail-paced madness. And it was hillarious to watch. Wow, they love those shrimp pellets!

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  1. I guess I’m going to have to invest in some Shrimp pellets! 😀

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