Broken Nano

Posted 2010.09.13 22.33 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

My iPod Nano broke…

I’m not exactly sure, but I suspect the damage happened when I was prying it open with a metal screwdriver.

I only wanted to see what was inside. I was curious and bored. I blame Apple – they make these things so darn difficult to open. I mean honestly – they are designed to be disposable, and that isn’t cool. If the battery goes soft, you are expected to throw it out. If the headphone jack gets loose, you’re expected to throw it out.

I’m not just ticked about being expected to toss out a $175-ish product, but the wastefullness is pretty eco-harsh. Not that I’m helping, by killing it with curiosity. But come on, is it that horrendous to throw a couple screws on the back, instead of sealing it up with self-destructing metal click tabs.


  1. Well… Apple is the anti-eco company. They’re trying to take over the world. They have successfully brainwashed a few people that I know and have brought them to the dark side. Just as I suspected, they DO have cookies!

    1. Stephanie says:

      I guess I’m already on the ‘dark side’ though I’m not brainwashed… or if I am, I’ve been programed to think I’m not.

      I do think most of their products work really well, I just get ticked sometimes about their insistance on ‘no visible screws’ or ‘no way to open this’ which in turn makes it so very difficult to service stuff.

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