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Liber Umbrarum et Lux – Submitted

Posted 2010.10.27 8.45 in iPhone by Stephanie

I meant to write about this yesterday but instead ended up on a long angry rant. Ooops.

Anyhow, version 2.0 of my Liber Umbrarum et Lux app for the iPhone was submitted to Apple on Sunday. I’m hoping the review process will go smoothly and with luck the update will be available by the 31st.

Among the new features and enhancements are:

  • Loads and loads more content!
  • Lots of pictures / images.
  • Graphics updated to support Retina displays.
  • App updated for iOS 4.x
  • Still supports iOS 3.x too.
  • Exciting new feature #1: Customizable – through Settings, you can select the Goddess and God names you use in your rites, and the app will put your names in all rites, consecrations and spells.
  • Exciting new feature #2: Still a big secret. Will be revealed soon.
  • Oh and the icons and artwork has been completely re-done and IMHO now looks very snazzy.

I will be updating the Liber Umbrarum et Lux page on my site shortly, and at that time will reveal the big secret new feature.

When the app is approved, I will follow up with another post.

What a Week that Was When?

Posted 2010.10.26 22.00 in DID, Life On Drugs by Stephanie

Time is speeding up and slowing down again. It seems like there’s all the time in the world, then I blink and a week has gone by.

And what a week! Or what a fortnight! It’s been a tumultuous week or two. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned some of this stuff yet or not – short term memory is affected.

It all started when I got really low on my brain meds. See, the shrink had got me on these two drugs, cryptospam and wellbutrin. He’d give me a perscription that would last just long enough till the next time I’d see him, then he’d give me more.

Only this time, the staff lost my appointment, and the soonest they could schedule a new one was 6 weeks later. I’m like, well not only does that suck, but I’m going to run out of meds. He was very specific about me not missing even one dose. And they’re like, …

Literally – they had no comment. So I asked, could he contact the pharmacy and send in a renewal? Then they say, no that isn’t how it works. Go to the pharmacy and have them contact the doctor, that’s how it works.

So when I’m ready to need more, I go to the pharmacy and let them know and they fax the paperwork in. No worries. A few days later I run out, and go in, and ask for the renewal and they haven’t heard from the doctor yet. They fax it again. I leave.

Come back again a few days later. No word. They call. Can’t get through. I call. The staff don’t answer phones there, you have to leave a message, which they will ignore then call you back a day or two later and ask what you wanted. At one point the pharmacist gave me a couple pills, enough to get through the weekend, since we were all pretty sure things would be resolved soon.

A few days later, the resolution was still forthcoming.

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Zipit Webserver

Posted 2010.10.22 11.31 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Please note – my Zipit! Webserver has been retired, the tech is old, the info is old, and it’s all just here for archival purposes now. Thanks for looking.

ZipIt! Family

A ZipIt! is a small handheld device that was marketted to teens and pre-teens as a way for them to keep in touch via services like AIM, MSN-Messenger, etc. without requiring a full-powered computer or laptop. The ZipIt! was a handheld ‘clamshell’ device with a small monochrome screen, small keyboard, and a built-in WiFi card. It was ‘hardwired’ to just run its own special software and from the point of view of a hardware / software hacker geek, it was very interesting.

It turned out that the ZipIt! used fairly standard hardware components, and the custom software was running on a Linux operating system! And then the hacking began in earnest.

When I got my hands on a ZipIt! or three, I had hours of fun taking them apart, poking at their brains, reprogramming them, making them do wierd and interesting things.

Update: Well the ZipServe had a good run. December 2005 – October 2010. Nearly 5 solid years. It still works too – It’s just that I’ve finally upgraded my wireless network (it’s all 802.11n and fast and stuff) and the Zipit, with it’s antique 802.11b wifi, and the old kernel in there can’t handle WPA and all that jazz… so yeah. The ZipServe still works but it doesn’t connect to my network any more. 🙁


OMG! Free Kittens!

Posted 2010.10.16 13.28 in Cats, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I was driving to the grocery store and I passed a house.

And the house had a sign.

And the sign said FREE KITTENS!

And I’m all like OMG! Kitties!  I love kitties! I should stop!

No I shouldn’t!  I got kitties at home. I don’t need more kitties.

But kitties!

My kitties would hate me with the passion of a thousand white hot fiery nuns!

But kitties!

Free kitties!


I should stop and find out what kind they are.

No! If I see them I won’t be able to resist them!

But kitties! They need a home!


Fortunately by the time I’d got through all that in my head, I was at the grocery store.

But still!



iPad Envy

Posted 2010.10.13 14.18 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Back in January when the iPad first came out, my reaction was pretty meh. There were a number of points about which I was unimpressed or underwhelmed.

Yet now, a mere 9 months later, I keep thinking I want one. What’s Apple done to me? Don’t they already have enough of my money?

There’s all these rumours spinning around too, about a next-gen iPad. Maybe coming next year, or maybe coming before x-mas. It’ll be smaller, or it’ll be the same size. It’ll have a higher-resolution screen, or maybe it won’t. It’ll be faster. It’ll have more memory. It’ll have cameras. It’ll make toast, walk the dog, and cure cancer.

So I don’t know…

  • I want one.
  • I don’t want one.
  • I need one, to test my own apps during development.
  • I don’t really need one, my apps aren’t optimized or made for the iPad.
  • I would like one, so I can optimize some of the business websites for the iPad.
  • I don’t need one as the iPad has a big enough screen that it’s like using a regular computer, so the business sites don’t need to be modified at all.

I want one now. I don’t want one now, I want to wait till November to see if there’s any announcements.

If I wait till November and there’s no announcements, maybe there’ll be an announcement in January. So then I should wait another month or two.

But I want one now.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted 2010.10.11 13.48 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So, holiday here in Canada. Thanksgiving. Day off.

It’s good because I really need a long weekend so I can get caught up on the housework and caught up on the office work.

So instead of taking advantage of the extra day off, I accomplished nothing on Saturday, yesterday was dinner with the family, and today I’m on track for another epic failure to achieve.

Ah well. Maybe there’ll be another long weekend next month…

Suicidal Ideation

Posted 2010.10.09 10.17 in Life On Drugs by Stephanie

I don’t know if it’d be a good name for a band or not. Probably too close to Suicidal Tendancies, which is already the name of a band.

Having inadvertantly gone off my meds for 3 or 4 days, I’m suddenly finding myself very familiar with the term “Suicidal Ideation“.

Stupid drugs and their stupid side affects. You get side affects when you take ’em, and then you get side affects (withdrawl affects?) when you don’t take ’em.

Either way it’s sucky.