Best Toy Ever

Posted 2010.11.24 23.50 in Hobbies, Uncategorized by Stephanie

So I was thinking about trying some electronics, to see if I could revive any interest or ability there. I got a couple kits, one easy and one hard, but some stuff was missing so I went down to the electronics supply place to get some parts. Big disappointment, most of their retail operation is now discount / surplus junk, with electronics being relegated to a tiny little cramped and mostly out-of-stock corner.

So as I was on my way out, having found almost nothing I was looking for, I saw they had some toy remote-control helicopters on final-sale discount. I figured, meh. It might be fun for a few minutes. I’m so bad with R/C cars that I’d never be able to get insurance, but maybe it’d be amusing to crash a helicopter into things for a while. And it was either that or my big bag of disappointment, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Well! Forget about the electronics kits – this little whirly-bird is supercool!

It’s super easy to fly! It only took me 3 or 4 big wipe-outs before I was able to do complete flights, like from take-off to landing. It flies with two counter-rotating main rotors, steers by varying the speed of one of the mains, and goes foreward / reverse by tilting the nose down or back, using a small rotor on the tail boom.

The controller has a lever for the throttle and a joystick that controls steering and forward/backward motion. It’s way easier to fly than a traditional helicopter. You charge it up with the controller (6 AAs in the controller) and you get about 8 minutes of flight after 20 minutes of charging.

It’s actually so easy to control that I took these pics during probably my 8th or 9th flight – I was able to control the whirly with one hand while using the camera with the other hand!

If you happen to come across one of these, grab it – it’s a hoot. The box says “LiteHawk” and they have a website,

It freaks the cats out, and I’ve only crashed it into myself once. Those blades really frigging hurt when they catch you on the toe at full throttle.


  1. mesh says:

    Wow! What a great TOY! I’ve got much simpler device called “UFO”. It has only two rotors and can’t fly any direction, only up and down. But no matter of it I’ve got a lot of fun. If you launch it under small angle to the ground, it will fly straight ahead! Some home flowers and trees felt the result on their leaves…

  2. Stephanie says:

    Flying toys really are the bomb. Your UFO sounds familiar, I’m sure I’ve seen it on a TV commercial or somewhere…

    The little helicopter is either more difficult than I thought, or my first-day successes were quickly forgotten, as I’ve managed to crash it all over the place in the last two days. More crashes than successful flights… but to its credit, it hasn’t broken yet!

    I did make one modification… it had these ‘chassis lights’ on it, little multicoloured LEDs that blinked and flashed and generally annoyed the heck out of me. So I took it apart and removed them… I just left the headlight intact as that seems cute.


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