One Step Forward, n Steps Back

Posted 2011.01.05 12.14 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Grumpy grumbles. After all my thermostat progress, I was getting more and more stuff squeezed into the final enclosure when there was a stumble, a trip-up, and then a complete collapse.

First I got a part in backwards.Then I hooked up some wires wrong. Then the magic smoke escaped from a component. Finally the whole thing achieved electronic death, or at least an electronic vegetative comatose state.

So I had to rip it all apart and move everything back to the breadboard & workbench, to start over.


It all went down Sunday night I think. Then I got all frustrated, then that got me feeling down, and I could almost feel like I was teetering on the edge of the depression, like it was just waiting for the opportunity to get me when I let my guard down.

Dealing with frustration is ‘easy’ (well easy to say, sometimes hard to do). You just put it down and walk away. Stop working on it, put it away and leave it for an hour, a day, whatever it takes.

Now I’ve got things mostly re-assembled on the breadboard, except the ethernet module which I don’t know yet if it still works… the magic smoke came out of a supporting component and I haven’t had a chance to replace that.

So, not quite back to the drawing board, but back to the workbench, anyways. Grumbles.