Posted 2011.03.18 11.35 in Spiritual, Uncategorized by Stephanie

Last night, the world changed. It became something new and different. Things I thought I knew, perceptions I had, expectations and assumptions I had made, have all been changed.

I learned something that was so simple and obvious, I already knew it. I’d just forgotten I knew, or failed to see the truth in it. However, this is not an ending; it is the beginning of a new process. A new paradigm, a mind shift.

Now I am starting to recognize my hidden crutches, my shields and defences, for what they really are. Mechanisms that I’ve turned to for a false sense of protection, which actually have been crippling me, holding me back, holding me down.

I want to laugh and I want to cry. I am trying not to look at those past mistakes and missteps with guilt or remorse or anger. I was doing the best I could, with the knowledge and tools I had at the time.

Don’t be angry or ashamed of the mistakes of the past; be proud and supportive that they were the best choices possible at that time, for the person you were when you made them.

The world today is a similar but different place; familiar yet new. It’s not easy but it is simple. The challenge is to keep my mind and self here, and not let myself fall back into the comfortable trap of the old existance.