Random Updates

Posted 2011.03.30 16.41 in Pointless Blather, Uncategorized by Stephanie

Following up from Sunday, the older version of Xcode (3.x) solved all my problems. I haven’t gotten thick, it was just the awfulness of Xcode version 4.x being so bad that I couldn’t see past it to the actual work I needed to do. Downgrading to 3.x has made me happy and I was able to get back at my next big thing.

The issue now is that it seems I left this half-finished app with a lot more unfinished work than I had thought. So I really need to get busy if I want to get it released on schedule and with all the planned functions and features.

#elxn41 – after holding out for many years, I’ve finally gone and signed up on Twitter. Of all things, it was politics that pulled me in. I wanted to follow the Green Party and keep ontop of what’s going on. In addition to political stuff, I’ve figured out how to follow some friends, some electronics gurus and some hacker geeks. Just have to figure out now if I have anything to say that’s tweet-worthy.

And in other news, my DIY Thermostat continues to be the most bestest thermostat ever, and makes me happy several times each day. I’m going to try and draw up some schematics and then maybe make a page entry for it. It’s just that cool.