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One Million…

Posted 2011.06.08 21.41 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

One million baby spiders… give or take a thousand. (Photo below the fold.)

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Potato Peels

Posted 2011.06.06 13.31 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Why do we talk about peeling potatos but then we talk about eating potato skins, or having french fries made with the skins on?

Why are they peels when we have to remove them, but skins when we want to eat them?

I think it’s because we don’t like to think about skinning things (unless you work in a tannery or abbatoire I guess) and we don’t like to think about eating peels (oranges and bananas come to mind.)

Not really going anywhere with this, it’s just something I was thinking about this morning.

64 Pixels of RGB Fun!

Posted 2011.06.03 8.40 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Taking some time off from my MCP project while waiting for some more components to arrive, last night I put together a Meggy Jr. from Evil Mad Scientist Labs.

The Meggy Jr. is an open-source handheld video game platform. The ‘screen’ is an 8×8 matrix of RGB LEDs. Despite such a ‘low-rez screen’ there’s actually quite a few games out there that are very playable.

It comes with “Attack of the Cherry Tomatoes” pre-programmed on the uC and over a dozen more examples are included in the free development libraries, which work with the Arduino IDE.