X-Pro along the Niagara

Posted 2011.08.12 23.32 in Family/Friends, Photography by Stephanie

Today my sister and I went for an interesting drive and did some sightseeing, along the Niagara river. We actually started at Fort Erie right at the mouth of the river, then followed the Niagara Parkway northwards, all the way to Lake Ontario. And naturally, I brought a camera (or three) with me.

These shots were taken with my Zeiss Ikon Nettar, using Fuji Astia reversal (slide) film. I processed them at home in C-41 chemistry, hence the X-Pro (cross processing) in the title. The images all have a wierd otherworldly colour tone to them due to the cross processing.

I’m quite pleased with the results; the Nettar is a 61-year-old fully manual camera, and I took a guess on the exposure. Slide film is notoriously touchy for exposure levels, but I seem to have done a fairly good job at estimating the settings.

I took more pics with another camera, but that roll isn’t done yet so they’ll have to wait.

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