Master Control Project » Mega Proto Shield

The Mega Proto Shield is a big blank canvas that you can use to build your own circuits on. In my case I didn’t need circuits so much as some simple connectors. There are two 4-pin I2C headers (Gnd-Vcc-SDA-SCL), one 4-pin serial header (Gnd-Vcc-Tx-Rx) and one 3-pin header for the geiger counter (Gnd-Int0-3.3V). I have also added a piezo beeper incase I want to sound alarms or the sort.
I wanted the board to sit low so I cut out a corner to ensure it could not short against the big USB connector. Finally, I used ‘stacky-headers’ for most of the I/O pins – standard ones for D0 – D21, A0 – A15, and power, and male-male pins for D22-D53. Finally, I used upside-down ‘stacky headers’ for the ICSP port, to ensure the Ethernet shield would work correctly.