Posted 2012.01.01 6.47 in Family/Friends, Life On Drugs by Stephanie

So it turns out, at least some of my anxieties were not misplaced.

I came through Friday’s surgery ok, by Friday night I was feeling pretty all right. Then it all went downhill fast. By Saturday morning they decided that the surgeon needed another look, but he was working at a different hospital that day.

So when my dad came to pick me up in the morning, instead of taking me home he had to take me over to the emergency section of a different hospital. They were expecting me, but it was still a hassel with admission and all.

Then they decided to do another surgery, which from prep to OR to recovery took all day long. And finally, when I got out of recovery, the surgeon had told my dad and I what was up but hadn’t filled out paperwork with the head nurse.

So they were reluctant to discharge me, and the doc wasn’t answering his pages. Finally I signed a form to discharge myself, and at long last, got home late yesterday evening.

My dad gets an extra big Thank You for staying with me through the whole second-surgey thing, even though it was an excruciatingly long and boring day at the hospital for him. I can’t describe the joy and comfort I experienced seeing him there for me when they let me out of recovery.

Big props also to my mum who stayed the night here at home with me, and is now off at 6am getting painkillers for me at the drug store.

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