Another Work In Progress

Posted 2012.05.06 16.47 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Because I can have more than one project on the workbench at any given time. The more the merrier! Though I really ought to actually complete something eventually. I guess.

Anyhow – the Sneak Peek project from a few days ago is on a very brief hiatus as I await another component or two, so I thought Hey! I should build another thermostat!

The original was kind of drab and beige, with a lot of sloppy workmanship. Version two is sleek and translucent, and the workmanship is a little nicer. Version two looks very technical, with exposed circuitry and insides.

The problem with #2 though is that it didn’t cover all the holes and paint-outlines from the original antique non-DIY thermostat. So in order to hide the holes and mismatched paint, the obvious solution was a thermostat with a larger footprint. Making it super-geeky and sexy is just a bonus.

See, I had this Star Trek thingy from Think Geek, but it’s sound effects were really annoying and useless. Pretty though – a perfect enclosure for some kind of project. Toss in an LCD and some sensors from Adafruit, and an Arduino Pro from Sparkfun, and voilla – Thermostat!

I just need to wire in some relays and then it’ll be ready to hook into the house’s HVAC system. Maybe another week or two (unless I get distracted by something shiney) then I’ll post a detailed write-up and code.