Oh. My. Goodness.

Posted 2012.05.20 7.51 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I have to confess, when I soldered the final power connection and this came to life on my wrist, I kind of geekgasmed a little bit.

Yes, I mounted the parts and did the final soldering with it already on my wrist. It was the only way to be sure things would have the right fit and feel. And it was damn fun too, despite being awkward – soldering iron in my right hand, holding the solder in my teeth, keeping my left hand still…

In the photo above, it’s still ‘just’ the bare circuitry and power supply mounted to a leather bracer. There is still some debugging to do of the software. And I have to finish the exterior.

When completed most of the goodies will be hidden under a top layer of leather, with openings of course for the screen, light sensor, etc. but the idea is that the delicate parts will be protected.

The only thing it doesn’t have yet, is a proper name. It’s kind of a wrist computer, except it’s not really a computer. I’ve been jokingly refering to it as the Wrist-mo Comp-ulator. I’m not sure I want that name to stick.

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