A Rant or Two

Posted 2012.06.11 9.53 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Today I’m going to digress from my normal tech / electronics / photography / whatever content, and bitch and moan about some stuff that pisses me off.

First off: There’s this public service ad campaign that’s been running on the TV for the past couple months. It basically goes on about how some teenage girl died because she used her friend’s mom’s perscription medication to try and get high. The message, supposedly, is “perscription drugs can kill you so don’t use them to get you high.”

My reaction: What else is there for kids to get high on these days?

If the politicians in charge would just legalize something relatively safe and innocuous like weed, then these kids would not have to kill themselves with wierd-ass shit in order to get high. Seriously – what are kids supposed to do, when they want to get high? There’s nothing out there to safely get wasted on, so of course they’re gonna take whatever they can get their hands on.

FFS, just legalize pot, tax it, sell it through some controlled venue like the LCBO and let people get on with their life. Instead of pissing away gods-know-how much money to ‘fight’ drugs, turn it into a revenue stream by taxing it, and at the same time ┬ámake it safer for anyone who wants to partake.

I mean, just look back at prohibition, and tell me how well that worked out. Make booze illegal, and everyone stopped drinking right? Duh. People kept drinking but under threat of legal persecution, while at the same time the crooks and gangsters made money like crazy. Same thing today. The pot dealers are very grateful for the government artificially inflating the retail-price of their product.

Seriously. You can’t legislate human behavior. Some people are always gonna wanna get fucked up. Let ’em, tax ’em, and move on.

Second: I thought I had something else I was going to rant about but it’s completely slipped my mind. I think it had something to do with alcohol and depression.