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Posted 2012.06.14 17.32 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Hobbies by Stephanie

Ok so Eagle is tough and the learning curve starts off very, very steep. But it seems like if you can get past the first 2 hours, it suddenly tapers off after that.

(Or click here for PDF version)

To get the above schematic to come out, not only did I need to figure out how to make a schematic in Eagle, but I had to make my own parts library and create four devices – the Pro Micro itself (as a discrete device rather than its own board and schematic), the OLED board, the compass module, and the Lilypad LED boards.

The reason I did this rather than laying out all those individual components was that I’ve assembled the ISEB6 out of these boards. That’s what it is. So it didn’t make sense to chart out the separate bits that go into each board – just get the boards. Or if you want to look at their schematics, get them from the source (Adafruit, Sparkfun.)

Note that 3 modifications were made to the Pro Micro board directly: the diode D2 was removed, which cuts the connection between UVCC and RAW. This prevents the LiPo from being exposed to 5vdc when a USB cable is connected. The Amber and Green LEDs were removed and hookup wire soldered to them, to connect to the two Lilypad LED panels. Oh and I removed the red power LED since it wasn’t needed. 4 modifications, then.

So if you’re looking to reproduce the ISEB6 yourself, hopefully the schematic alongside the build notes and the code (available here) should be enough.

Finally – I am already working on a Mark 2 version of the ISEB6 which in fact will do away with the Pro Micro board, and will have its own PCB (hopefully) allowing me to make it all neat and tidy and eliminate the rats-nest of hookup wire that forms the backbone of the current ISEB6.


  1. Nagaki says:


    I grabbed your ISBE6.zip file and unzipped it, I read and I read again and again in your text file, I do not know if I missed anything but when I tried to compile it, I’ve had several error. Please advice if you got time or shed me some light , I would like to make this high tech wrist-gps !
    “ISEB6.cpp: In function ‘void __vector_14()’:
    Functions:1: error: ‘Serial1’ was not declared in this scope
    ISEB6.cpp: In function ‘void readTemperature()’:
    Functions:21: error: ‘MUX5’ was not declared in this scope
    ISEB6.cpp: In function ‘void readVcc()’:

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Stephanie says:

      Hello Nagaki,

      The errors sound like you have not set the board target. Make sure you are compiling for a Sparkfun Pro Micro.

      You’ll probably have to modify the Pro Micro code as well, with the changes I had made. That’s the boards.txt file, pins_arduino.h file, and main.cpp.

      Even after disabling the USB libraries, the sketch comes in at over 29kB so you have to remove the bootloader from the Pro Micro.

      1. Nagaki says:

        Thank you Stephanie, that was big help.
        I tried to get ahead of myself by compiling the file WiTHOUT having the hardware in hand!

        I will absolutely try again soon, hardware is on order,

        Thanks so much.

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