Road to Meaford

Posted 2012.07.21 19.08 in Family/Friends, Photography by Stephanie

This past week I took a day off for a little road trip with my sister. Just tooling around for the sake of seeing something new. There’s a website that has some day-trip routes that sound interesting and we opted for the old route to Meaford trip.

It was an excuse to take a day off work, see some parts of Ontario that we hadn’t seen before, and take some pictures.

I was also putting the exposure value function of my Integrated Sensors Electronic Bracer to a practical test, using it to determine the settings on my camera. For this outing, I selected my Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2, a lovely old folder from the late 1930’s. It is completely manual everything, and takes eight 6×9 frames on 120 rollfilm.

The forecast was for a bright sunny day, but I selected ISO400 film just incase – experience has taught me that it’s better to over-expose than under-expose. Colour negative film nowadays can usually handle up to 3 stops of over-exposure anyways.

All three rolls of film were processed at home at room temperature in my stale C-41 chemistry (20 minutes at 76°F) then scanned on my flatbed Epson. A few of them did come out over-exposed but I was able to scan them without too much grain / noise.

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