More Purple PCB Goodness

Posted 2012.08.17 20.41 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Whilst working on the ISEB-6 Mark-II, I have also been preparing some peripherals to work with the latest greatest version of the Electronic Bracer. It seems obvious really, that ontop of everything else, the ISEB-6 should be capable of turning off annoying televisions.

This tiny circuit board (less than one square inch) houses the circuitry for a totally self-contained TV-B-Gone. Pictured below are two populated and one bare board.

Designed to be triggered by another microprocessor rather than a manual push-button, this miniature TV-B-Gone will be integrated into the new ISEB-6 – providing TV off-turning abilities, built right into a wrist-mounted platform!

As evidenced by the Purple PCBs, these boards were fabbed via OSHPark, for only $5 for the three of them. Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of Laen’s OSHPark service? Yeah, Laen rocks.


  1. Ken Scharf says:

    I wonder if the TV-B-Gone could be miniaturized enough to fit inside a penlight with the LED in place of the bulb? Now that would be evil!

    1. Stephanie says:

      I bet it could. 🙂 This one is only about 0.6 inches wide. It wouldn’t be hard to shrink it even more…

      I got it to this size based on what I thought I could hand-solder. I’m sure it could be reduced even further, by someone with either better hand-soldering skillz, or by someone with alternative methods of assembly!

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