Zombie Tree Bush

Posted 2012.09.17 8.56 in Life On Drugs by Stephanie

Six or seven years ago, I had this tree pop up on the edge of my driveway, right next to the house.

I remember it sort of started off like a bush, but quickly developed a trunk. It shot up very fast – after one year it was over 10 feet tall. I cut it down.

The next year, it grew back. This time, I didn’t want to cut it down. I was impressed that it had come back, and it grew so fast that I was further impressed by its resilience.

It quickly reached a good size, then it’s upward growth slowed and it grew outwards instead – the trunk and crown getting thicker and heavier. I knew its roots were probably damaging the foundation of my house, and I could see the trunk and limbs were damaging the eaves and roof of my house, but I was still reluctant.

Every time I plant something it dies on me. I had to repsect a tree that grew despite my complete lack of involvement – indeed, it was growing in spite of being cut down! I had to find out what it was, and some research quickly led me to identify it as a Siberian Elm.

(One might note that a web search for Siberian Elm reveals most of the top hits involve questions like “how do I kill it?”)

This past spring though, it finally had to go. The driveway was being done, and they weren’t able to lay asphalt if there was a tree in the way. So my sister and I brought it down. The tree was at least 25 feet tall, and the trunk was over eight inches thick at the base. We counted 5 rings – it was only five years since I had originally cut it down.

My sister and I got it down to a stump about 10 inches tall. Then my neighbor was able to get rid of the stump. Then around April, a few inches of asphalt was put down sealing the whole thing under a hot thick black tarmac grave… or so we thought.

A few days after taking that last picture, I finally did cut it down again. There were roughly two dozen shoots, the largest were as thick as my thumb!

Actually one factor which made me less sad about cutting it down a third time, was the sudden appearance of a whole new tree/shoot. This one is not right up against my house, but out at my front lawn… son of zombie tree! Or Zombie Tree 2: The Rebirth…

Son of Zombie Tree