PSA FB T-Shirt

Posted 2012.10.15 9.52 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

I recently attended a get-together where I met a number of new people for the first time (or at least I assume it was the first time) and while it was overall an interesting and enjoyable evening, there was also a nagging fear about next time.

Next time, at the next get-together, when they’ll expect me to recognize them all.

Sooner or later I’ll have to explain about face-blindness to them, and trying to figure out how best to handle that, I got the idea to just put it on a t-shirt. Something that would catch their attention and perhaps get them to ask some questions.

I figure that might help break the ice and make it easier to bring up the subject. is the URL for some of the official researchers who have been studying Prosopagnosia, and it’s easy to read, pronounce and remember.