Be Prepared to Evacuate

Posted 2012.11.27 13.04 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So this tweet turned up on my twitter tweetalog. Tweet tweet.

This raises some key questions:

  • Do they know something I don’t?
  • Is this because xmas is coming and this is my one and only warning?
  • Should I be stocking-up on canned food, bottled water, and ammunition?
  • And if you follow the link in the tweet, it takes you to a page at Brampton City Hall. There’s a photo of an evactuation on the page… where the fsck was that picture taken? Cos it sure as hell wasn’t in Brampton. (Or if it was, I need to get out more.)

Fleeing the Not-Brampton! Seriously, is this even in Canada?

Oh, maybe this is that Mayan 2012 thing? There’s just over 3 weeks left till the world ends. But if the world ends, where are we supposed to evacuate to? I think BEMO needs to provide us a map or something…