PassGenR 4.0 Submitted

Posted 2013.09.11 13.40 in iPhone by Stephanie

PassGenR_ThumbGetting ready for iOS 7 next week, I’ve finished updating PassGenR.

Actually, update isn’t quite correct – I completely rewrote it from scratch, using all the newest / latest tools.

It still has all the same functions and features as before, but written on a new code-base that should be good for several more years at least.

Plus, the look and feel has been updated, and there’s one new feature added – through Settings, it is now possible to disable the History function completely. This was at the request of someone who didn’t want to have their random-generated passwords saved anywhere.

So, the update has been sent to Apple, it’s just a matter of when it will get approved.

In the meantime, the current version is still available.