Tick’d Off Updated

Posted 2014.07.17 7.54 in iPhone by Stephanie

Tick'd Off Update


Tick’d Off version 1.1 is now available in the App Store.

Version 1.1 includes a few improvements and updates:

  • Various minor bugfixes.
  • Various minor usability & UI enhancements
  • Added ability to copy / duplicate list meta & contents
  • Plus a dozen more list icons to choose from

Tick’d Off is a simple and straight-forward check-list / to-do list app, focused on letting you manage your to-do tasks without distraction.

For more information, please have a look at the Tick’d Off app page.


Tick’d Off is available in the App Store.






  1. Having miserable issues with Tick’d Off. I love it when it works….I’m on a seminar tour and recommending it as part of a power point presentation for 2 1/2 months across the USA but will have to delete that segment if the issues are not fixed. It was non responsive a week ago and a restart did nothing. So I deleted it and redownloaded it. It only worked for another week and I’m having the same issue again. Any ideas? It won’t respond to any taps at all. iPhone 6
    Thanks-Jennifer (guitarist-Michael Jackson-Jeff Beck)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    Thank you for writing and I’m very sorry for the problems you are encountering with Tick’d Off. I use it every day myself and have not encountered the problems you are describing, but I want to work with you to figure it out and get it fixed.

    If you go into App Settings (the gear icon in the lower left corner of the app’s main screen) can you check two things for me? Do you have “Store Lists in iCloud” enabled? And if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Settings screen, can you tell me the last two numbers — Total Lists and Total Data?

    Eg. on my iPhone I have Store Lists in iCloud turned on, my total lists is 21 and total data is 140383 bytes.

    Thank you!

    p.s. – do you know what version of iOS your phone is on? Eg. 8.x or maybe on the iOS9 public beta?

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