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Posted 2016.02.12 14.58 in Hobbies by Stephanie

Today’s pics are from a Korg Volca Sample.

The Volca series has a reputation of being hacker / modder friendly, but the first three in the series were basically analog, the Sample is all digital. It has 4MB memory to hold 100 samples.

The obvious mod is Midi Out, which is labeled on the bottom of the main pcb.

I wonder about a memory expansion. The 4MB is an 8-pin SMD chip, 25Q032, and there are drop-in replacements like an 8MB 25Q064. Whether or not the Sample’s firmware would recognize more memory is unknown. The memory uses SPI and could be read out by a SPI probe.

There’s also a couple test points whose function is not provided, they might be interesting. And a connector CN4 which appears to be connected directly to the ARM processor. Maybe for JTAG, or for ICSP?

Top of main circuit board:

Volca Sample Main Board

Bottom of main circuit board:

Volca Sample Bottom of Main Board

Keys circuit board:

Volca Sample Keys Board

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  1. Ryan Wahl says:

    Hey I know this is a really old post but was curious if you ever got anywhere with this mod. I am currently dissecting my sample to add some functions to it with an arduino. I am adding a line in for recording and I ported the Syros library over to take recorded sounds and directly import them to the sample. I wanted to know what else I can do with the PCB though.

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