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  1. Violet says:

    So this one references something that happened many years in the past. It does bring up a bit of a theme though.

    Yes she did eat wierd-looking mushrooms she found growing the woods, and yes it made her very sick but she survived.

    The thing is, she did these sorts of things a few times, that we know of.

    First time she ate wild mushrooms, was with a group of friends. One was an amateur mycologist and he had found & identified the shrooms but literally said ‘I have a wife & kids so one of you single folks will have to be the first to try these, just in case.’ and Stephanie was the one who stepped up and tried.

    Another time, she was camping with friends and they found a place to go ‘cliff diving’ but needed someone to go first to make sure there was nothing dangerous under the water. So again she volunteered.

    These may have been just recklessness or whatever, but there does seem to be a thing in some people with DID, there’s like a self-destructive side. Or maybe a part that just enjoys risk-taking. Feeling ‘alive’ by risking it all?

    Now I’m babbling lol. Cool stories though, right? 😉

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