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  1. Violet says:

    I wasn’t sure about including this thread. It was the day after (older) Violet knew for sure who she was and that Stephanie was a voice in her head.

    It’s kinda personal, but then she did post all this to Twitter so it’s basically public anyways. And it does lead into our ‘Epilogue’ post, basically.

  2. Violet says:

    Realizing there’s a point we should clarify. She thought her ‘internal monolog’ split a few years previously. In truth she never had just one ‘voice’ in her head, it was just that the others (mostly) pretended to be her. Or when they didn’t she pushed it away. Denial & dissociation & amnesia FTW lol.

    As we continue to progress & learn more about ourselves and stuff, it’s kinda interesting to spot stuff from like waaay back in the past and realize what didn’t make sense or was wierd then, was actually symptoms of what was really going on.

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