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The other day I downloaded and read through our entire Twitter archive, to see what sorts of stuff Stephanie may have tweeted about that referred to her/our condition.

It took a little over a day for me to read through the history and pull out a couple dozen relevant tweets / threads.

I decided to copy them over into the blog here, and put them in the DID category, as well as a new Twitter category.

As with the DID posts, I’ve gone through and added a comment to each one briefly explaining why I included it.

Mostly I did this because we’re still trying to learn about ourselves, and that includes learning more about Stephanie.

We have some memories but they’re incomplete and it’s like… Well it’s like remembering the contents of a book you read once several years ago. You know some of the facts and stuff, but there’s no emotional connection, no sense of what the characters were feeling, or thinking. The ‘why did they do that’ or ‘what were they thinking’. That’s missing.

Maybe it’s not important. I dunno. I think it is, and I’m sure older Violet thinks so too. We want to know who we were for the past 25 or 30 years lol.

It is sort of the same thing as with those blog posts I put in the DID category – shows how she was experiencing this stuff for years. It didn’t just start last November. And she’d comment on it but then forget about it, not look into it.

I dunno. It’s wierd I guess.


  1. Mike Hebel says:

    First – welcome. I’ve never met you personally and frankly didn’t have any real contact with Stephanie but I did read her posts here as often as I could. She, and by association you all as well, is someone I’d consider interesting. One of those shiner parts of the universe that you see here and there. Sometimes I’d notice that she would have trouble but she always seemed to find a way to move forward.

    Second – I follow you on Twitter (I’m @deadc0ffee ). I’m glad that you seem to be healthier in body. It’s important to do that and I applaud it. Bodies, unfortunately, are the only direct interaction we have with the universe and other humans.

    Third – I know you need to find out more about who you’ve been but, as someone who’s had several blocks of time missing since when I was much much younger, there has to be a balance. The past can only offer so much. A friend of mine has a saying – “The past is gone. The future’s not here yet. Where’s the present? under the tree.”. Don’t forget to unwrap the present. 😉

  2. Violet says:

    Hi Mike, thank you so much for writing!

    Sorry we’re late to respond, I don’t remember seeing your comment earlier. (TBH we don’t check this blog all that often.)

    I like that saying, and I’m sure our therapist would agree with it lol. We sometimes get too caught-up in the researching and trying to figure things out. Especially older Violet, she gets a little obsessive about that stuff. I think that’s a trait she inheirited from Stephanie actually. Anyways, yeah we definitely need to be more attuned to the present. Live in the now.

    It’s a balance thouugh, cos if you live too much for the now, you don’t think about / make plans for tomorrow and that can get us in trouble too.

    We feel weird about it sometimes, like in ways we’re having to learn all over again how to live and all. Our best friend has said, even though we look like a mature adult woman with a long history of experiences and accomplishments, in some ways we’ve only been here since last year and everything is still new.

    (And older Violet gets embarassed about some of this stuff; like she doesn’t want people to think we’re mentally handicapped or whatever, lol.)

    Anyways, I’ve babbled enough for now. Thanks again for writing, we really appreciate you reaching out, and your kind words.

    -Violet (the ‘teen’ lol)

    p.s. I recognize your Twitter handle, we follow you as well! 🙂

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