Welcome to my crazy little place on teh interwebz.

I’ve had a personal website running since around 1996. It’s been through a lot of changes since then — of course, so has the internet itself. In 1996 most people weren’t on-line, and of those who were, most were using dial-up.

When I built my very first website, I did it through a dial-up BBS that offered UNIX shell access. I wrote my first website using PICO and browsed the web in text with LYNX. My first emails were sent and received with PINE. But enough about ancient history.

This site as it stands now has been around since 2001. Originally it was a bunch of static pages, documenting my interest in a variety of diverse topics — ham radio, visual arts, various technologies, my cats, et cetera.

In 2002 I started doing a ‘Link of the Week‘ which in some ways was a precursor to blogging – the LOTW archives charts my interest in various topics as I got obsessed with something for a while, before moving on to something else. (I’ll bet half the LOTW links are either dead or broken by now…)

In the summer of 2006 I created a very simple photo / blogging platform for a friend who was working on a daily webcomic. She needed a way to upload and organize daily comics and at that time blogging was getting very popular so it seemed like an interesting challenge.

Part of the process of building the platform meant using and testing it. And so I kind of stumbled into blogging, with my first post in the latter half of June 2006.

In the seven(!) years since, the site has migrated away from mostly static pages to being mostly a blog. It’s gone through a few overhauls in terms of appearance, a name change, and about halfway through that period I retired my own simple platform and migrated to WordPress.

It’s crazy to think of how far things have come just in the dozen years since this site was started – nevermind the seventeen(!) years since I wrote my first lines of HTML.

I wonder what the next dozen years will bring?

About Me

Me and my Magical Cat

There’s only one thing that I know
how to do well, and
I’ve often been told that you only can do what you Know
how to do well,
And that’s be You.
Be what You’re like.
Be like Yourself.

They Might Be Giants

Serial Hobbiest

One of the basic tenets of my life is to always learn. As long as I am learning something new, I am living. This basic rule of my life has led me to develop a wide base of knowledge on many various topics. I have listed below (in no particular order) a few things I have taken courses in or participated in over the years. It’s not a comprehensive list, just the things I can remember at the moment.

Micro Computer Repair & Maintenance – NRI Correspondence Course
Locksmithing & Electronic Security – NRI Correspondence Course
Photography & Videography – NRI Correspondence Course
Home Beer Brewing – Self-taught / books
Home Wine Vinting – Self-taught / books
Skydiving – Parachute School of Toronto
Playing Violin – Private Classes
Chemistry – Board of Education Correspondence Course
Physics – Board of Education Correspondence Course
Creative Writing – Scarborough Board of Education
Glassblowing – College Night School
Gunsmithing – CSI Correspondence Course
Private Detective – CSI Correspondence Course
Amateur Radio – Peel Amateur Radio Club
Morse Code – Peel Amateur Radio Club
Electronics R & D – Self-taught / books
Playing Hand Drum (Djembe / Ashika) – Self-taught / Instructional videos
Painting: Oil & Acrylic – Mentored by my friend Lezley
Heritage / Historic / Archival Research – Peel Archives
Knowledge of Wines, Spirits & Beers – LCBO Correspondence Course
Playing Electric Bass – Instructional Books / CDs / Self taught
Knowledge of 19th Century Military Swords – Personal collection & online research
Watch Making – Self taught / internet research.
Embedded Linux Devices – Self taught / internet research.
Lasers!! – Self taught / internet research.
Knowledge of Japanese Swords – Books, online research, & personal collection
LSL scripting, 3d Graphics tools, 3d Animations – self taught while playing in SecondLife for a few months.
Knowledge of Medieval European Swords – Books & online research
PHP, MySql, WordPress – Books, online research, hands-on experience.
Objective C & Cocoa Touch Programming – Books, online research & hands-on experience in IOS development.