Knife-Making » Fitting Handle Block

The wood I am using here is called Purple Heartwood, it’s a fairly hard wood. I got it in a sheet of about 4 inches wide, 20 inches long, and about 3/32 inches thick. I cut 5 pieces of about 2 inches by 5 inches. Pieces were smoothed and aligned to determine how best to assemble them, based on their exact dimensions. The pieces were then numbered and marked up to help the assembly later.

The middle piece was then cut to fit the outline of the blade’s tang. The first three pieces were then glued together. I use normal ‘yellow’ carpenters’ glue, the work is then well-clamped and left to set up over 24 hours.

Once the first 3 pieces were together, I then check the fit of the blade in the slot. The wood pieces were slightly thicker than the blade, so I used #50 and #100 sandpaper to thin the middle piece down until the fit was almost perfect.