Knife-Making » Test-Fit Blade

When the handle glue is fully cured, it’s important to test-fit the blade before progressing. The blade is held tightly in a vice, point-down. The handle is then slipped over the tang and gently tapped down into place. It should not be loose, rather, it should be a nice tight fit.

I also have a paper template that has the outline of the handle I wish to make, along with the outline of the tang, and of part of the blade. It is important that when tracing the handle contour onto the wood block, that the template and tang are correctly aligned – if not, your handle could come out crooked, or worse, you could end up with the tang sticking out of the handle! The hole(s) drilled earlier also assist in ensuring proper placement of the template / drawing. I also drill out the holes through the other side of the handle, as up until now the pilot-holes were only in one side of the handle.