About Lasers

Yep, Lasers. Lasers are neat. Lasers are cool. What’s not to like about lasers? They cover all the bases, it’s obvious I’d be interested in lasers:   Lasers have Electronics.   Lasers are Blinky Flashy things.   Lasers are Technical.   Lasers are Dangerous.   Of course I’d be interested in lasers!


Fun and games aside, Laser Safety is very important – you like being able to see? You like not being arrested? Then Play Safe!

To be honest, the only reason anyone visits my laser pages is because they want to Make Their Own Laser! Almost any fast DVD burner can be turned into a handheld high-power Laser. Learn how here!

Finally, I wrote a couple lengthy articles on the real costs and risks of buying cheaper lasers. You may save a few bucks up-front but there are real safety risks involved. The first article can be found here; and the second article is here.

17 Balloons, 3 Lasers, Henry Mancini

Balloon Bust-A-Thon!

Various Laser Pictures

IR Becomes Green LightCrystal turns IR into Green Class 4 laser - backClass-IV IR Laser – Controls Class 4 laser - frontClass-IV IR Laser – Business End
New Black FusionNew Black Fusion New Black FusionNew Black Fusion New Black FusionNew Black Fusion
New Black FusionNew Black Fusion My FusionWL Fusion 125mW Goggles for different lasers3 Goggles, 3 Wavelengths
Guess which ones are for IR Lasers?Guess Which Are for IR? Insie my IR LaserInside my IR Laser Red and Green make Yellow635nm and 532nm make Yellow
Red and Green make YellowTwo Lasers Aimed at the Camera Red and Green make YellowRed and Green Patterns 635nm, 650nm, and two 532nm Lasers!Two Red, Two Green Lasers
Green Laser Cooks MatchMatch vs Green Laser Pulsar Cooks MatchMatch vs Pulsar IR Laser Cooks MatchMatch vs IR Laser
Pulsar Cooks another MatchReMatch vs Pulsar Invisible IR LaserInvisible IR Laser. Invisible IR LaserInvisible IR Laser.
Red 635nm LaserRed 635nm Laser. Red 635nm LaserRed 635nm Laser. WL Red (633nm) Laser GogglesWL Red (633nm) Laser Goggles
150mW Pulsar seen through red Goggles150mW Pulsar seen through red Goggles WL Green (532nm) Laser GogglesWL Green (532nm) Laser Goggles 80mW greenie seen through green Goggles80mW greenie seen through green Goggles
Pulsar mounted on MetrologicPulsar mounted on Metrologic Pulsar taken ApartPulsar Taken Apart Tunnel Effect 1Tunnel Effect 1
Tunnel Effect 2Tunnel Effect 2 HeNe vs GreenieHeNe Laser vs Greenie HeNe vs GreenieHeNe Laser vs Greenie
Greenie Long ExposureLong Exposure Greenie Picture Pulsar Long ExposureLong Exposure Pulsar Picture Helium Neon LaserHelium Neon Laser – Aperture View
Helium Neon Laser Side ViewHelium Neon Laser – Side View Helium Neon Laser DotHelium Neon Laser – Dot HeNe vs PulsarHeNe Laser vs Pulsar

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