My iPhone / iPad Software:
Feles Magus   •  Support site for my iPhone / iPad Apps.
Overlord!   •  A calendar replacement app for iOS 7.
PassGenR   •  Utility for quickly generating random passwords.
Wicca   •  A Wiccan Book of Shadows for your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Wicca Plus   •  Wiccan Book of Shadows, and much much more, on your iPad or iPhone.
Noteworthy Blogs:
Lezley Davidson   •  The Artist as an Entrepreneur.
Life Along the Way   •  A blogger I met through our interest in Apple Snails.
Spin Theory   •  Spin's site - another blogger with eclectic and diverse interests.
The Bloggess   •  Funny and irreverent.
WWdN   •  Wil Wheaton - geek, nerd, and actor.
Interests / Hobbies:
Adafruit   •  Electronics kits and components, great blog, weekly engineering show.
Arduino   •  Open source cross-platform electronics prototyping IDE.
Camera Wiki   •  Lots of great information about cameras old and new.
LomoHome   •  My Lomography "Lomo Home" Page.   •  Photography community and forums.
Snail Forums   • forums - all about apple snails.
SparkFun   •  Supplier of electronics kits and components.
WX Brampton   •  Weather reports from Environment Canada.
Web Comics:
Hijinks Ensue   •  Geeks, nerds, pop culture, beards.
Oglaf (NSFW)   •  Sex jokes and silliness.
Questionable Content   •  Romance, indie rock, little robots, relationships.
Sam and Fuzzy   •  A guy, a talking bear, ninjas, rock stars, secret societies...
Scenes from a Multiverse   •  Daily life in an ordinary, everyday multiverse.
Twokinds   •  Relationships and racial tension, between humans and animal-like keidrans.
xkcd   •  Romance, sarcasm, math, and language.