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Posted 2004.12.27 11.02 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2004.


27 Dec 2004 This week’s link is a Canadian site, a forum for Macintosh users across Canada:
12 Dec 2004 This week’s link is another musician, her work is electronic / atlernative. Check out
Meg Lee Chin
05 Dec 2004 Melissa Auf der Maur is a Canadian musician. Her work is sort of Rock / Alternative. Check her out!
28 Nov 2004 Viewable With Any Browser Campaign
21 Nov 2004 Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
14 Nov 2004 Sherman's Lagoon
07 Nov 2004 Canadian hip-hop artist k-os has two albums out now, and is just finishing up a tour.
29 Oct 2004 Samhain, one of the most important holidays on the Wiccan calendar, is just around the corner.
24 Oct 2004 There are a few great pages at the Ragweed Forge, but they are well hidden. Knives and Knifemaking is good, as are the pages on Mounting a Blade and Making a Sheath. There are more, so be sure to click around the other links on the site.
03 Oct 2004 Need to know how to make fire with a piece of ice? Or fletch an arrow by hand? Carve a flute from a piece of bone? Tan a fox? Well then, you need to learn yourself some Primitive Ways.
26 Sep 2004 Squirrels: cute, soft, clever, and fun to watch.
20 Sep 2004 The Seventh Sanctum is a site that seems to be dedicated to random generators. For RPG folks who’ve run out of ideas, this site can generate everything from character names and skills to encounters, vehicles, and equipment.
19 Sep 2004 Avast, me hearties! Today, September the 19th, be the fabled Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrr!
13 Sep 2004 Riverbend Blog describes itself as “Girl Blog from Iraq”. I found it very powerful and moving, offering a much closer and more personal account of life in Baghdad.
05 Sep 2004 The name says it all.
30 Aug 2004 At long last, they are finaly working on a Major Motion Picture based on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, created by Douglas Adams.
23 Aug 2004 42 Words celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the memory of Douglas Adams.
15 Aug 2004 Operation Truth is a website created by two US Army officers, dedicated to telling the truth behind the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
08 Aug 2004 Peel’s Most Wanted – if you’ve seen any of these people, contact the police immediately.
01 Aug 2004 Looking for some good general care instructions for your indoor Bonsai? Look no further: the Montreal Botanical Garden has some great information.
19 Jul 2004 Here’s a movie-link for a documentary that takes aim at the fast-food industry, and what it’s doing to people’s health: Super Size Me
11 Jul 2004 Bonsai Canada has some good information and links about the Japanese art of Bonsai.
04 Jul 2004 Sweatshop Union is a group of Hip-Hop artists with some really good, thought-provoking songs. Their album Natural Progression is highly recommended!
21 Jun 2004 From June 24th to July 17th, if you’re near the Brampton area please check out the Human Animal Bond Juried Show at Beaux-Arts Gallery. One of my paintings will be on exhibit with the show.
14 Jun 2004 Be sure to catch Michael Moore’s latest film, Fahrenheit 9/11, opening June 25th.
06 Jun 2004 In the upcoming election, you owe it to yourself to check out the Green Party.

Think Globally, Act Locally.

29 May 2004 Continuing with the theme from last week, Artists in Canada is another online directory of Canadian artists.
20 May 2004 Canadian Artists on the Web is a searchable / browsable listing of over a thousand artists living and working in Canada.
07 May 2004 Joseph Newman is going to change our world. He has figured out how to harness cheap, abundant energy from the Universe around us.
(Alternatively, click here for more links.
18 Apr 2004 The unique style of artist H.R. Giger is hard to explain, but his website does a good job.
11 Apr 2004 Aspects of Japanese Culture and Society, an Anthropologist’s view – online publication.
06 Apr 2004 Notorious Lizards make the news in Cochise County.
28 Mar 2004 Need to know when Easter is this year? How about next year? Or, when was it 8 years ago? The Date of Easter provides the simple, easy to understand calculations so you can always figure out what day Easter will fall on.
21 Mar 2004 Ever wondered how a car engine works? How to pick a lock? How artificial hearts work? Well, How Stuff Works has the answers to these questions and many, many more!
14 Mar 2004 The forums at Mac News Network are a good place to go for information, questions, or just to hang out with other Macintosh fans.
07 Mar 2004 Been hard finding new links for every week, too busy working. Here is an update: Dave Barry’s Blog has moved.
15 Feb 2004 If you’ve never heard of Tom Lehrer, then listen up. Here is a flash animation of one of his most amusing and pointless songs.
03 Feb 2004 If you like H.P. Lovecraft’s books or ever played the game Call of Cthulhu, then you should have a look at Cthulhu Lives.
25 Jan 2004 Here’s a site that answers that age-old question: What is the average airspeed of an unladen swallow?
18 Jan 2004 Picture the Universe. Now zoom in, until you are viewing quarks in a proton. The Powers of 10 lets you do this in a 36 step slideshow.
04 Jan 2004 They say you can never have too many cute kittens on the internet; the Random Cute Kitten Generator is doing its part to help.