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Links Archive 2006

Posted 2006.12.24 11.05 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2006.


24 Dec 2006 Blah blah blah Second Life blah blah newspaper Second Life Herald blah blah blah sick of SL links yet?
20 Dec 2006 Another resource I have found to help with building and scripting in Second Life are the Second Life Resident Forums – particularily the Content Creation section.
10 Dec 2006 I’ve been having a lot of fun in Second Life and now it’s time to start learning Second Life Scripting Language so I can do some fancy in-world coding.
25 Nov 2006 Bash.Org - Not sure what its all about but its funny.
12 Nov 2006 The Nihonto Kanji Pages are a useful resource for those trying to decypher or translate the mei you might find on the nakago of your nihonto.
05 Nov 2006 Richard Stein's Japanese Sword Guide
22 Oct 2006 Damn Small Linux is a distro designed to fit a complete linux gui environment onto a 50MB CD or USB drive.
08 Oct 2006 Get Frosted!
01 Oct 2006 – home of the Peeling Onions webcomic!
24 Sep 2006 You can find more talk about lasers over at CandlePower Forums.
17 Sep 2006 At BoomDog’s House of Lasers, there are guides for laser safety goggles, and how to build your own laser show.
10 Sep 2006 The Gadgeteer’s Laser and Light Show Page
03 Sep 2006 The Professor’s Homebuilt Lasers Site – lots of details and resources about several kinds of lasers.
27 Aug 2006 Fun with a BIG laser! – what’s not to like?
20 Aug 2006 At you can find information, a forum, and some links, about lasers!
13 Aug 2006 For some educational fun with lasers and optics, check out 101+ Laser Experiments.
06 Aug 2006 Almost an encyclopedia of information, Sam’s Laser FAQ is the place to go for info on lasers.
30 Jul 2006 Laser Community Forums
23 Jul 2006 Project Gutenburg encourages the creation of public domain electronic books, while Project Gutenburg Consortia Center is focused on the distribution of some 75,000 electronic books.
16 Jul 2006 Project Gutenburg - Free eBooks
09 Jul 2006 Lezley Davidson is a good friend and a great artist. You can check out some of her work at her site here.
02 Jul 2006 This week, a little self-promotion link: Transmissions from Planet Stephanie is my newly started blog. Not sure where I’m going with it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
25 Jun 2006 Ubuntu Canada
18 Jun 2006 Roomba Review is the “#1 source for robotic reviews, tips, news and more”. They also have a very active chat forum.
04 Jun 2006 Here’s a great website with lots of great information on how to Hack A Roomba. What’s a Roomba? Find Out.
14 May 2006 The Fellowship of Isis is a multi-national multi-faith organization dedicated to honouring the Goddess in all Her forms.
08 May 2006 And Now For Something Completely Pointless…
30 Apr 2006 Always Fresh, Never Fishy – Learn about Japanese Cuisine at Tokyo Food Page at
23 Apr 2006 The new Holy Land? Only time will tell. In the meantime, just enjoy Laughlin, Nevada.
16 Apr 2006 The evolution of robots has reached its ultimate level. Look out humanity, because the robots have harnessed the awesome power of steam! Steam Powered Robots are going to be all the rage, I just know it.
09 Apr 2006 It’s Mil vs. Margret, in a very long (and amusing) list of Things they Have Argued About.
02 Apr 2006 Time for some Random Violence! How far can you bat the penguin?
26 Mar 2006 Snubbed by Mensa again for being drunk or hung-over while trying their entry test?
Then maybe it’s time to try Densa – the Low I.Q. Society.
19 Mar 2006 Ham-Ex 2006!
Presented by the Peel and Mississauga ARCs.
12 Mar 2006 Another inexplicable holiday is fast approaching: Friday, May 5th 2006 is International No Pants Day! Trousers everywhere are nervous.
05 Mar 2006 The Ubuntu Fridge is an information hub for the Ubuntu community, bringing together news, grassroots marketing, advocacy, team collaboration, and great original content.
26 Feb 2006 The Crackle Box / Kraakdoos is a sort of musical synth invented in the seventies. The neat thing is, it uses the human body as part of the electronics!
19 Feb 2006 Canadians working for a Federal Department Of Peace
12 Feb 2006 While looking for some Linux-based ham radio applications, I came across a very good listing at “Hamsoft”, as well as this fairly comprehensive listing on
05 Feb 2006 Amateur radio station W1AW has been operating since September 1938. It is located at the ARRL headquarters.
14 Jan 2006 Green Party of Canada
08 Jan 2006 Sam’s Schematic Collection is a usefull assortment of various diagrams and schematics, ranging from HV to RF to IR to rechargable and power supplies.
01 Jan 2006 The Daily Kitten proves once again that the internet’s best function is distribution of cute kitten pics.