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Mai Foam Fore

Posted 2010.08.21 9.38 in Computers/Internet/Technology, iPhone by Stephanie

Yay! It finally arrived!

The Fedex man came to the office yesterday with my shiney new iPhone 4, direct from the Apple factory in China.

Believe it or not, I’ve never even seen one before in person – I’d ordered it completely sight-unseen and in the 3 weeks since then, I haven’t seen anyone else with one yet.

Immediate first impressions – it feels solid. The iPhone 3 and 3Gs both feel ok, but the curvy sides and plastic back does make it feel… well curvy and plastic. The iPhone 4 however, feels positively solid. Steel alloy all around, and some kind of magic glass on the front and back, make it feel heavy without feeling, well, heavy.

Like in a pinch you could slip it into a sock and make it into a weapon… though I wouldn’t really recommend that.

Some people have said they don’t like the squarish sides, prefering the form factor of the previous models. I’m in the opposite camp – having held this in my hand, I find it much more aesthetically pleasing than the earlier iPhones.

The screen is pretty, the ‘Retina display’ that they were hyping… It is bright and sharp and vibrant.

And of course, the blinky light! The blinky light is impressively bright. I tried using it as a flashlight last night and I was like woah, is there a way to dim it a bit? It’d probably ruin the whole function as a camera flash, but I’d like to slip a wee bit of blue gel in there so it was a blue blinky light. I’ll resist, for now.

Anyhow, to summarize: It’s cool, I like the form factor better than the earlier models, it feels solid and well-built, but pictures cannot do it justice – you really have to see and feel it in person.


Posted 2010.08.06 13.55 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I want me some iPhone 4.

Last year when I got the 3Gs, the only thing I really strongly felt that it was missing was an LED – I have a thing for blinky lights. So I whined about it a while but eventually gave up. Now, lo and behold, the iPhone 4 comes out and it has a blinky light! Hallelujah!

They say it’s a flash for the camera, which is fine. I’ve seen people are already making flashlight apps for it, which is cool – the fact that the LED is controllable through software, independently of the camera is good.

I understand the iPhone 4 has some other upgrades too, something about faster processor, more memory, better screen, blah blah blah. It has a blinky light. What more does it need?

Actually, every year these things get more and more like StarTrek tricorders. It boasts an impressive list of sensors: ambient light; proximity; 3-axis accellerometer; gyroscope; 3-axis magnetometer; two microphones; and of course two cameras – one of which can do “HD”. Plus there’s enough RF coming and going to put tumours on a shark: 4-band GMS cellular; GPS receiver; 802.11n wifi; Bluetooth 2.1; even an FM transciever built in to one of the chips.

So yeah, I’ve got one on-order from Apple. It’ll be a few weeks it seems, so till then I’ll have to resign myself to looking at specs, tear-down photos, and reading about the joys other people are having with their iPhone 4, after they were willing to spend all day in lines.

The next three weeks will go by so slowly…