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Lack of Posts

Posted 2017.07.07 8.37 in DID, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I’ve been completely absent for months, sorry about that.

1) I’ve been focused mostly on health. Fitness. Became one of those people who watches everything she eats, and works out every single day.

I know, I’m shocked too. Now and then I stop and wonder who am I, and what have I done with the real Stephanie.

I’ve been writing a big long post about this (since January!) but I’m not ready to share it quite yet.

2) I’m more active* on Twitter, follow me there for ongoing proof of life.

(By ‘more active’ I mean, I post more than once every 6 months. I’m not tweeting nonstop all the boring minutia I encounter.)

Two Months

Posted 2015.09.13 12.50 in Pointless Blather, Work by Stephanie

I just realized, it’s been nearly two months since I posted anything. And my last post was a real downer.

I’m still here, things just went from depressing to busy, in short order.

After many many (too many) years, all the servers at work are being replaced with shiny new ones, and it’s going to take a tremendous amount of planning, effort, and testing, to make sure it all goes off without a hitch.


I know it’s cliche and hackneyed and 16 years old but I still enjoy the “Matrix” screensaver. There’s something relaxing about the streams of green text on a black background.

In the above pic, two new mini-towers are being set up, configured, and tested. In a few months time, they’ll be put to work, replacing some much older equipment.

About A Year Ago…

Posted 2015.07.04 12.34 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

This has been another really difficult post to write.

A little over a year ago, my dad went into the hospital for the last time.

From just before the end of June, over the Canada Day holiday and a few days after, I spent several days driving to Orangeville and back to visit him in the hospital.

We talked a lot, mostly about business, but also about family things, personal things.

As big a part as he played in my life, I still never really understood how important he was to me, until after he was gone.

Fathers day was a couple weeks ago, and it was difficult. Things have remained difficult as the anniversary of my dad’s hospitalization came, and that of his passing fast approaches.

This time last year, my dad wasn’t doing great, but he was in good spirits, and I could go and spend time with him, talk with him.

I really miss that.

And since then… the best way I can describe how I feel is like a ship without a rudder or sails.

Mare Maerori

Like last summer there was a huge storm, and I sort of rode it out, but when the wind and waves died down, I was still afloat, but adrift.

I’ve lost my guidance, my drive.

And I haven’t figured out how to get them back yet.


Posted 2015.04.10 13.54 in Cats by Stephanie

Pixie is still with us, but sometimes she pretends she isn’t.


Still Alive

Posted 2010.05.18 9.54 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Just a quick note to say I’m still alive. No excuse for the sudden lack of posts, other than I’ve nothing new to say. It’s all the same, straight from the department of redundancy department.

Still messing around with the Dingoo. Still dealing with depression. Snails are still laying egg clutches like crazy.

That’s about it.

To All My Friends in SecondLife

Posted 2009.12.20 19.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I love you all – and I’m sorry that I am not online as often as I ought to be.

RL is all busy and full of craziness and depression and crap like that. I try and log on – like I’ll be thinking hey, it’s 6pm, and I’m not working tonight so I should log onto SL! Then a few minutes later it’s 11pm and I’ve got to go to bed and I’m wondering what the hell happened.

Anyhow – I haven’t forgotten you and I really do miss you and I’m honestly sorry for not being around as much as I should be, as much as I want to be.

The truth is, for maybe a year or more now, SL has just added to my depression rather than offering an escape from it.

I blame the Lindens – seriously when was the last time they did anything that was universally heralded as a Good Thing? It’s just one thing after another, where they stick it to their customers, blame the problem on us, and claim it’s what we all wanted anyways. I mean, if I treated my customers the way they treat theirs, I’d be homeless and destitute.

Sorry – didn’t mean to get into a whine-fest. Suffice to say, Lindens blow hairy moose balls.

Anyhow – the point is I love and miss my SL friends. I’m not hiding from you all. It’s the Lindens and what they’ve done to SL over the last 12, 18 months, that has made me drift away. That and the RL crazies.

As for Waikiti – two regions is where we’re at, and it’s where we’re going to stay. Nothing will convince me to give LL any more money, we won’t grow any more. Nor will we shrink – at this size, I can absorb any shortfalls in the region revenue, without it putting me into personal financial woes. Unless there is some SL-wide catastrophe (or some sl-wide LL-inspired retardation, like killing the economy etc.)

Anyhow – so here we are. Waikiti is what it is. I’ll be around as much as I can, but I can’t promise I’ll be around more than I have been.