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They Live!

Posted 2016.01.18 9.59 in Hobbies by Stephanie

The cilantro is super busy, it’s going like crazy now. The herb in the back is big and strong.


And the two late-bloomers, chives and hot peppers, are still hidden under their domes but they have finally germinated and are just starting to sprout.

They’re alive! Everything’s alive!

Off the Face of the Earth

Posted 2014.12.27 8.26 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I haven’t actually dropped off the face of the Earth, though it may seem that way.


Dealing with issues and stuff. And work and stuff.

Also, working out logistics for a server move / migration. Possibly in the next week or two.

Definitely still here though.

Still Here

Posted 2011.02.18 8.04 in Hobbies, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So it’s been about 3 weeks since I was thinking about quitting. Although I was talking about quitting electronics, it was also a bit of a metaphor for quitting everything. I hung up my soldering iron, boxed all my half-finished and never-started projects, and walked away from all my hobbies and interests.

On the one hand, it was surprisingly easy. There was no urge to do anything, no itch to build or make or create or learn. What little extra energy I had, I used to get some housework done.

Actually I suppose I didn’t ignore all hobbies – aquariums is still sort of a hobby, sort of. I’ve been spending a little more time just watching my snailies and fishies and froggies. I got two new snails, too – a pair of little dark guys:



One other thing I’ve done — though it’s not like I’m getting into some new hobby or anything — is I did a little bit of gold electroplating.

See, I have this ring that I bought some years ago. It might be an antique, or it might be modern but made to look like an antique. Either way though, it was made of brass and it turned my finger green and I wanted to fix that.

So I did some research, learned how to electroplate, and found a source of the electroplating solutions. I polished up the ring then plated it from brass to silver, then from silver to gold. It was kind of cool.

Plating with Silver Plating with Gold Finished Plated Ring

Amazingly, the whole process only took about an hour – and most of that was polishing the brass ring before getting started, or cleaning up afterwards. The actual plating process was very quick. Silver only took a minute and gold about five minutes.

Still Alive

Posted 2010.05.18 9.54 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Just a quick note to say I’m still alive. No excuse for the sudden lack of posts, other than I’ve nothing new to say. It’s all the same, straight from the department of redundancy department.

Still messing around with the Dingoo. Still dealing with depression. Snails are still laying egg clutches like crazy.

That’s about it.

Zebra Fry: Still Alive

Posted 2009.10.08 12.05 in Aquaria by Stephanie

So my two remaining zebra danio fry continue to live and grow! Of the seven that went into the breeder basket in my big tank, 5 of them wandered out through the slats (why make a breeder basket that fry can get in and out of?!) and were soon disappeared. I believe they were eaten by the rasboras. But two of the fry stayed in the breeder basket.

fry1Eventually I got an idea that I should have had like 3 weeks ago. I picked up a small cheap “aquarium” to use as a nursery. A 1 gallon “minibow” acrylic tank, it uses an under-gravel filter with an air bubbler. Cheap and inadequate as a ‘real’ tank, it works fine as a nursery tank for my remaining fry.

I put them in, threw in a pair of ‘pest’ snails (a physa and a trumpet) and a bit of plant that had been floating around one of my tanks. Voilla! Fry nursery.

fry2The remaining fry are growing well, they’ve gotten a bit longer but more importantly, they are ‘filling out’ and becoming little fish. They’re a little under 1/2 inch long, their bodies are growing more fish-shaped and they’re slowly getting all their little fins. Their tails are the right shape. The photos still don’t do them justice, but you get the idea.

I just wish I’d have thought of the nursery tank before I lost 5 of the fry in the 38 gallon tank. Sigh. Also I haven’t gotten any more fry out of my zebra danios in a long time – some new pest has moved into the gravel and is efficiently eliminating all the fry, possibly before they even hatch out.

Nursery Tank

Nursery Tank