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Ancient Egyptian Algebra

Posted 2010.08.10 21.56 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Seems that ancient Egyptians used a base-ten system, but they did not use placement and had no concept of zero.

Whereas the Babylonians, using their base-sixty system, did have both placement and zero. Very cool stuff.

The Mayans also understood zero, they used a base-twenty system along with placement.

Links Archive 2006

Posted 2006.12.24 11.05 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2006.


24 Dec 2006 Blah blah blah Second Life blah blah newspaper Second Life Herald blah blah blah sick of SL links yet?
20 Dec 2006 Another resource I have found to help with building and scripting in Second Life are the Second Life Resident Forums – particularily the Content Creation section.
10 Dec 2006 I’ve been having a lot of fun in Second Life and now it’s time to start learning Second Life Scripting Language so I can do some fancy in-world coding.
25 Nov 2006 Bash.Org - Not sure what its all about but its funny.
12 Nov 2006 The Nihonto Kanji Pages are a useful resource for those trying to decypher or translate the mei you might find on the nakago of your nihonto.
05 Nov 2006 Richard Stein's Japanese Sword Guide
22 Oct 2006 Damn Small Linux is a distro designed to fit a complete linux gui environment onto a 50MB CD or USB drive.
08 Oct 2006 Get Frosted!
01 Oct 2006 – home of the Peeling Onions webcomic!
24 Sep 2006 You can find more talk about lasers over at CandlePower Forums.
17 Sep 2006 At BoomDog’s House of Lasers, there are guides for laser safety goggles, and how to build your own laser show.
10 Sep 2006 The Gadgeteer’s Laser and Light Show Page
03 Sep 2006 The Professor’s Homebuilt Lasers Site – lots of details and resources about several kinds of lasers.
27 Aug 2006 Fun with a BIG laser! – what’s not to like?
20 Aug 2006 At you can find information, a forum, and some links, about lasers!
13 Aug 2006 For some educational fun with lasers and optics, check out 101+ Laser Experiments.
06 Aug 2006 Almost an encyclopedia of information, Sam’s Laser FAQ is the place to go for info on lasers.
30 Jul 2006 Laser Community Forums
23 Jul 2006 Project Gutenburg encourages the creation of public domain electronic books, while Project Gutenburg Consortia Center is focused on the distribution of some 75,000 electronic books.
16 Jul 2006 Project Gutenburg - Free eBooks
09 Jul 2006 Lezley Davidson is a good friend and a great artist. You can check out some of her work at her site here.
02 Jul 2006 This week, a little self-promotion link: Transmissions from Planet Stephanie is my newly started blog. Not sure where I’m going with it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
25 Jun 2006 Ubuntu Canada
18 Jun 2006 Roomba Review is the “#1 source for robotic reviews, tips, news and more”. They also have a very active chat forum.
04 Jun 2006 Here’s a great website with lots of great information on how to Hack A Roomba. What’s a Roomba? Find Out.
14 May 2006 The Fellowship of Isis is a multi-national multi-faith organization dedicated to honouring the Goddess in all Her forms.
08 May 2006 And Now For Something Completely Pointless…
30 Apr 2006 Always Fresh, Never Fishy – Learn about Japanese Cuisine at Tokyo Food Page at
23 Apr 2006 The new Holy Land? Only time will tell. In the meantime, just enjoy Laughlin, Nevada.
16 Apr 2006 The evolution of robots has reached its ultimate level. Look out humanity, because the robots have harnessed the awesome power of steam! Steam Powered Robots are going to be all the rage, I just know it.
09 Apr 2006 It’s Mil vs. Margret, in a very long (and amusing) list of Things they Have Argued About.
02 Apr 2006 Time for some Random Violence! How far can you bat the penguin?
26 Mar 2006 Snubbed by Mensa again for being drunk or hung-over while trying their entry test?
Then maybe it’s time to try Densa – the Low I.Q. Society.
19 Mar 2006 Ham-Ex 2006!
Presented by the Peel and Mississauga ARCs.
12 Mar 2006 Another inexplicable holiday is fast approaching: Friday, May 5th 2006 is International No Pants Day! Trousers everywhere are nervous.
05 Mar 2006 The Ubuntu Fridge is an information hub for the Ubuntu community, bringing together news, grassroots marketing, advocacy, team collaboration, and great original content.
26 Feb 2006 The Crackle Box / Kraakdoos is a sort of musical synth invented in the seventies. The neat thing is, it uses the human body as part of the electronics!
19 Feb 2006 Canadians working for a Federal Department Of Peace
12 Feb 2006 While looking for some Linux-based ham radio applications, I came across a very good listing at “Hamsoft”, as well as this fairly comprehensive listing on
05 Feb 2006 Amateur radio station W1AW has been operating since September 1938. It is located at the ARRL headquarters.
14 Jan 2006 Green Party of Canada
08 Jan 2006 Sam’s Schematic Collection is a usefull assortment of various diagrams and schematics, ranging from HV to RF to IR to rechargable and power supplies.
01 Jan 2006 The Daily Kitten proves once again that the internet’s best function is distribution of cute kitten pics.

Links Archive 2005

Posted 2005.12.25 11.03 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2005.


25 Dec 2005 The G-QRP Club was formed in 1974 and caters to those interestd in low power communications.
Based in the UK, they have some great links and great tech info.
18 Dec 2005 The NAQCC (North American QRP CW Club) promotes both QRP (low power) operations as well as the use of CW (morse code).
11 Dec 2005 QRP Canada is dedicated to the hobby of very low power Amateur Radio communications.
27 Nov 2005 It’s been a month now since he left us, but I still really miss my Sylvie Dots.
20 Nov 2005 A week or so ago, I linked to my ZipIt WebServer. Well that pocket-sized webserver now has 128MB of removable storage! Here are two different ways to mount an MMC card into a ZipIt!
13 Nov 2005 Still on the ZipIt theme, here’s a step-by-step guide of how to add a Backlight into a Zipit!
06 Nov 2005 Is that a webserver in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? I’ve configured my ZipIt into a little pocket-sized Web Server!
30 Oct 2005 The Zipit is a small wireless instant messenger device originally marketed for kids and teens. More importantly though, it’s an embeded linux device with good battery life, Flash ROM, WiFi networking, and a strong linux Yahoo Group working to make this a useful $100 linux computer.
27 Oct 2005 Sylvie Dots. He was a great cat.
23 Oct 2005 Yum yum yum! It’s an history of Army Combat Rations, from the late 1700s up to the middle of the 20th century.
16 Oct 2005 Broken Windows is an article over on Daring Fireball that examines some of the reasons the Macintosh OS X operating system is more secure than the Windows platforms.
09 Oct 2005 is a growing repository of links to information and DIY tips and tricks for various PDAs and handheld computers.
02 Oct 2005 Rav4 Oz
Australia’s premier Rav4 Network – Parts, Services, Reviews, and Forums.
18 Sep 2005 The Swiss site all about Horology
11 Sep 2005 ChimChim’s Rav4 Page has some great pics, mods, and howto info for the Toyota Rav4.
04 Sep 2005 Rav4World!
28 Aug 2005 Paranoia Live!
Greetings Troubleshooter, and welcome to Alpha Complex. Remember to Stay Alert, Trust No-one, and Keep Your Laser Handy.
21 Aug 2005 Visit Kimlee’s Healing Arts and Embrace your Divine Energy. Kim is a Healer, a good friend of mine, and a fellow artist.
14 Aug 2005 The Mows – Get Your Purr On!
What’s up with The Mows? They’re adorable cartoon kitties named Indy, Tigey, and Nonie.
07 Aug 2005 It’s a blast from the past! CONELRAD – All things atomic / the golden age of homeland security.
01 Aug 2005 This collection of cartoon / drawings could be called… Cute & Creepy? Sweet & Scary? Fun & Freaky?
You probably need a slight twist in your sense of humor, to enjoy Bunny Suicides!
24 Jul 2005 One of my favorite places on Earth is Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, Canada.
Almost 8000 square kilometers of wilderness, thousands of lakes, 2000 kilometers of canoe routes; it’s heaven.
17 Jul 2005 One more watch-related link… Per’s Horology Site has workshop information, pictures, and information for beginners.
10 Jul 2005 Alan’s Vintage Watches has lots of pictures and information on watches, as well as some neat stuff like X-ray images and time-lapse images of luminous watches.
03 Jul 2005 Michele Cuoccio’s Russian Watches Website is another fantastic reference site for information about Russian watches.
26 Jun 2005 It’s like an online museum of Russian and Soviet timepieces: Mark Gordon’s Russian Watches Collection.
19 Jun 2005 Hey, it’s time for another watch-related website! Time Zone has forums, articles, reviews, and even an on-line Watch School!
12 Jun 2005 With lots of articles, some reviews, and a great compilation of movements, Christophs Watch World is another great horological reference site!
05 Jun 2005 When the various plans to try to Take Over The World all fail and lead to anger and frustration, it’s perhaps time to think about how to Destroy The Earth.
29 May 2005 The Grand Prix du Canada is coming on June 12th in Montreal. Find out all the details about it at the Formula 1 website.
23 May 2005 For some active fora on the subject of watches, look no further than WatchUSeek. They also have lots of interesting Articles on a wide variety of horological topics.
15 May 2005 If you’re looking for information on vintage watches, here’s a good place to start: The Watch Guy
08 May 2005 Here’s a fun and informational web page which describes the intricate secrets of how computers work: Your Computer is Made Out of Magic
03 Apr 2005 Again with the vintage computing, The Web 8201 Project is dedicated to support of the NEC PC-8201A and PC-8300 laptops – sister machines to the Tandy Models 100 and 102, and the other Kyocera KC85 clones.
21 Mar 2005 Here’s an interesting blog: Music Thing where their slogan is, “You can’t buy talent, but you can try.”
They review or link to interesting and unusual music things — such as synths, midi instruments, et cetera.
13 Mar 2005 Back to computing again this week, with a visit to CPU-World, an on-line museum of processors and related ICs.
07 Mar 2005 This week’s link is Le Tigre, who describe themselves as a ‘feminist punk electronic’ band.
Check out their latest album, This Island, on ITMS.
20 Feb 2005 Viva Vintage Computing: Club 100 has been supporting owners of the portable Tandy Models 100, 102, and 200 since 1983! They have lots of information and reference material, as well as a good library of software for the venerable “Model-T”.
13 Feb 2005 More vintage computers this week: 8bit is dedicated to old systems with 8-big microprocessors, such as the venerable TRS-80. There is a bit of info there on my first ‘laptop’ system, the Tandy Model 102 – also the first laptop ever to fly on the space shuttle.
06 Feb 2005 Interested in vintage computers? Have a look at – especially their Museum section. They even have a page about the first computer I ever owned – the DEC Rainbow 100
23 Jan 2005 Keeping with the musical theme, this week’s link is Clatter – a rock power duo from Missouri.
Their web site is pretty neat, and you can find their CD on iTunes.
16 Jan 2005 Another musical link, Ibanez is a manufacturer of high quality, low priced instruments such as my favorite, the Electric Bass.
09 Jan 2005 iCompositions is a place where users of Apple’s GarageBand can upload and share their musical creations, as well as a great source of resources and information.
You can click here to visit my uploads page there.
02 Jan 2005 The Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings research society is the first link of the week for 2005.

Links Archive 2004

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The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2004.


27 Dec 2004 This week’s link is a Canadian site, a forum for Macintosh users across Canada:
12 Dec 2004 This week’s link is another musician, her work is electronic / atlernative. Check out
Meg Lee Chin
05 Dec 2004 Melissa Auf der Maur is a Canadian musician. Her work is sort of Rock / Alternative. Check her out!
28 Nov 2004 Viewable With Any Browser Campaign
21 Nov 2004 Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
14 Nov 2004 Sherman's Lagoon
07 Nov 2004 Canadian hip-hop artist k-os has two albums out now, and is just finishing up a tour.
29 Oct 2004 Samhain, one of the most important holidays on the Wiccan calendar, is just around the corner.
24 Oct 2004 There are a few great pages at the Ragweed Forge, but they are well hidden. Knives and Knifemaking is good, as are the pages on Mounting a Blade and Making a Sheath. There are more, so be sure to click around the other links on the site.
03 Oct 2004 Need to know how to make fire with a piece of ice? Or fletch an arrow by hand? Carve a flute from a piece of bone? Tan a fox? Well then, you need to learn yourself some Primitive Ways.
26 Sep 2004 Squirrels: cute, soft, clever, and fun to watch.
20 Sep 2004 The Seventh Sanctum is a site that seems to be dedicated to random generators. For RPG folks who’ve run out of ideas, this site can generate everything from character names and skills to encounters, vehicles, and equipment.
19 Sep 2004 Avast, me hearties! Today, September the 19th, be the fabled Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrr!
13 Sep 2004 Riverbend Blog describes itself as “Girl Blog from Iraq”. I found it very powerful and moving, offering a much closer and more personal account of life in Baghdad.
05 Sep 2004 The name says it all.
30 Aug 2004 At long last, they are finaly working on a Major Motion Picture based on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, created by Douglas Adams.
23 Aug 2004 42 Words celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the memory of Douglas Adams.
15 Aug 2004 Operation Truth is a website created by two US Army officers, dedicated to telling the truth behind the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
08 Aug 2004 Peel’s Most Wanted – if you’ve seen any of these people, contact the police immediately.
01 Aug 2004 Looking for some good general care instructions for your indoor Bonsai? Look no further: the Montreal Botanical Garden has some great information.
19 Jul 2004 Here’s a movie-link for a documentary that takes aim at the fast-food industry, and what it’s doing to people’s health: Super Size Me
11 Jul 2004 Bonsai Canada has some good information and links about the Japanese art of Bonsai.
04 Jul 2004 Sweatshop Union is a group of Hip-Hop artists with some really good, thought-provoking songs. Their album Natural Progression is highly recommended!
21 Jun 2004 From June 24th to July 17th, if you’re near the Brampton area please check out the Human Animal Bond Juried Show at Beaux-Arts Gallery. One of my paintings will be on exhibit with the show.
14 Jun 2004 Be sure to catch Michael Moore’s latest film, Fahrenheit 9/11, opening June 25th.
06 Jun 2004 In the upcoming election, you owe it to yourself to check out the Green Party.

Think Globally, Act Locally.

29 May 2004 Continuing with the theme from last week, Artists in Canada is another online directory of Canadian artists.
20 May 2004 Canadian Artists on the Web is a searchable / browsable listing of over a thousand artists living and working in Canada.
07 May 2004 Joseph Newman is going to change our world. He has figured out how to harness cheap, abundant energy from the Universe around us.
(Alternatively, click here for more links.
18 Apr 2004 The unique style of artist H.R. Giger is hard to explain, but his website does a good job.
11 Apr 2004 Aspects of Japanese Culture and Society, an Anthropologist’s view – online publication.
06 Apr 2004 Notorious Lizards make the news in Cochise County.
28 Mar 2004 Need to know when Easter is this year? How about next year? Or, when was it 8 years ago? The Date of Easter provides the simple, easy to understand calculations so you can always figure out what day Easter will fall on.
21 Mar 2004 Ever wondered how a car engine works? How to pick a lock? How artificial hearts work? Well, How Stuff Works has the answers to these questions and many, many more!
14 Mar 2004 The forums at Mac News Network are a good place to go for information, questions, or just to hang out with other Macintosh fans.
07 Mar 2004 Been hard finding new links for every week, too busy working. Here is an update: Dave Barry’s Blog has moved.
15 Feb 2004 If you’ve never heard of Tom Lehrer, then listen up. Here is a flash animation of one of his most amusing and pointless songs.
03 Feb 2004 If you like H.P. Lovecraft’s books or ever played the game Call of Cthulhu, then you should have a look at Cthulhu Lives.
25 Jan 2004 Here’s a site that answers that age-old question: What is the average airspeed of an unladen swallow?
18 Jan 2004 Picture the Universe. Now zoom in, until you are viewing quarks in a proton. The Powers of 10 lets you do this in a 36 step slideshow.
04 Jan 2004 They say you can never have too many cute kittens on the internet; the Random Cute Kitten Generator is doing its part to help.

Links Archive 2003

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The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2003.


28 Dec 2003 The Internet Sword Collectors Association has lots of information and links on the topic. Scroll down to see it all.
19 Dec 2003 In time for the Solstace, How much Yule do you put into Christmas? discusses fitting Pagan beliefs into the X-mas season.
14 Dec 2003 The Gallery of Obscure Patents holds a few of the stranger inventions one might find.
07 Dec 2003 Specialties from the Gallery of Regrettable Foods. Scary pictures, funny comments. Check them all out, they’re all great.
30 Nov 2003 Looking for a phobia? If you can’t find one here, you’re not trying.
Personal fave: Fear of the Pope. Key quote:
Defined as “a persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of the pope”, each year, this surprisingly common phobia causes countless people needless distress.
23 Nov 2003 If you were in the Brampton area at the end of November, you should have come to the YMCA Charity Art Auction. Lots of prints and original artwork available, in support of a good cause.
18 Nov 2003 Here’s a one-stop source for all your quirky, wierd, bizzare news from around the world.
09 Nov 2003 Here’s a website dedicated to the Adorable Toshiba Libretto, a full-power laptop that’s the size of a VHS casette tape. I love my Libretto.
02 Nov 2003 The Traffic Cone Preservation Society is dedicated to studying and preserving these wonderful “helpers of humanity”.
26 Oct 2003 Angel’s Acolyte Episode reviews, previews, images, et cetera, for the series Angel.
19 Oct 2003 Ideal Scientific Equipment Looking for frictionless bearings? Magnetic monopoles? How about a horse bred to provide exactly one horsepower? Here’s the place to get them!
13 Oct 2003 Coral Castle Another strange and mysterious page this week… Learn the mysteries of the Coral Castle.
05 Oct 2003 Crypto Predators It’s a cryptozoological predators petting zoo! Learn about mysterious predators at this fun and informational site.
28 Sep 2003 HTML 4.01 Ok it’s not an exciting link, but it’s informational. The complete HTML 4.01 specification set forth by the W3C.
21 Sep 2003 Mabon An article about the pagan holiday Mabon, aka the autumntal equinox.
14 Sep 2003 Agenda Wiki An excellent resource site about the Agenda VR3, a tiny PDA running the Linux OS.
07 Sep 2003 Lobster Cam! Freshest Lobsters on the Net! (Works best during daytime hours)
01 Sep 2003 Talk Like A Pirate Day Arrr! September 19th is fast approaching, me hearties!
24 Aug 2003 Thackrey Library A collection of transcripts copied from rare old texts and books.
Spring 1987 – August 15th, 2003: Goodbye Rhea.
It’s been a dark month.
10 Aug 2003 Wine Lovers’ Page The oldest, largest independent wine-appreciation site on the web.
03 Aug 2003 Tinkerbell Rest in peace, Tinkerbell. You were loved, you are missed.
27 Jul 2003 In Vino Veritas Interesting columns and information. Check out their web cam!
21 Jul 2003 Strat’s Place Pictures of wine cellars around the world. Also, check out the rest of the web site, great stuff.
13 Jul 2003 Copter You’ve heard about it on Dave Barry’s Blog, you’ve seen the link for sale on eBay. Here it is, Free! Copter! My best is 3115 (as of 0307.17)
07 Jul 2003 Spiders with Drugs Results of experiments with web-weaving spiders, and various drugs. This is your web. This is your web on drugs.
22 Jun 2003 Backyard Habitat How to make your backyard into a perfect habitat to protect and attract birds and critters.
15 Jun 2003 Dave Bary’s Blog Dave Barry has a weblog! And a Home page!
08 Jun 2003 Vintages The fine wine and premium spirits division of Ontario’s LCBO.
01 Jun 2003 Got Futurama Futurama may be gone, but not forgotten! Here’s a site with lots of info and news and links.
25 May 2003 Hacker FAQ How Hackers work, how to manage your Hacker, and keep your Hacker happy and productive.
11 May 2003 Emergency Measures Brampton’s Emergency Measures site: Helping reduce the probability and impact of disasters.
04 May 2003 Ontario Storm Chasers Images, information, and links about storm chasing in Ontario.
27 Apr 2003 Beltaine You call it May Day, we call it Beltaine. Another essay about another Pagan holiday. Enjoy!
20 Apr 2003 Art Gallery of Peel See what’s new, and what’s coming soon, at Peel Region’s own Art Gallery.
14 Apr 2003 t.A.T.u. Official website of the Russian pop group t.A.T.u.
06 Apr 2003 iPic Web Server A web server the size of a match-head. Amazingly tiny.
30 Mar 2003 Electronics Reference Bill’s Electronics Reference Library is a handy reference for some beginner circuits and parts identification.
24 Mar 2003 Word of the Day! Embiggen your wordiness with a new word every day. It’s a perfectly cromulent site.
16 Mar 2003 Wicca na hErin The home page of Janet and Stewart Farrar, and Gavin Bone. Blessed be.
09 Mar 2003 Bob’s Sugar Shack Soon the sap will start to run, and then it will be Maple Syrup time!
03 Mar 2003 Wiccan Church of Canada Canada’s oldest and largest public Wiccan organization, founded in Toronto in 1979. Check out their extensive reading list.
16 Feb 2003 Robert Munsch Author of some great childrens’ books, and an all-round neat guy.
10 Feb 2003 Giant Squid This week, it’s all about Architeuthis; the Giant Squid.
03 Feb 2003 Tree Octopus This site will teach you all about the rare and majestic Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus (Octopus paxarbolis).
26 Jan 2003 Imbolc You call it Groundhog Day, We call it Imbolc. Another essay about the pagan origins of a modern ritual observance.
20 Jan 2003 Crazy Apple Rumors Looking for some unlikely, crazy rumors about goings-on at Apple Computers? This is the place.
12 Jan 2003 Happy Fun Ball! I want a Happy Fun Ball! Read this, maybe you’ll want one too!
05 Jan 2003 Things that make you go What? A collection of interesting tidbits of knowledge which might make you go “What?”.

Links Archive 2002

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The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2002.


Week Of Link Notes, Comments
29 Dec 2002 Ascii to Binary Here’s a really simple tool that lets you convert any string of ASCII into Binary, or Binary into ASCII.
21 Dec 2002 History of Yule Joyous Yule Sostace! This site examines the origin of the festival and many of the modern traditions associated with this time of the year.
15 Dec 2002 Steve’s Cell Page Steve’s Southern Ontario Cell Phone Page: Handset reviews, transmitter sites, hints and tips and tricks. If you’re thinking of getting a cell phone, visit here first.
08 Dec 2002 MacKiDo Humor Some humorous articles about technology. “The lighter side of computing.”
01 Dec 2002 Pagan Software This archive contains software which Pagans might find useful. Mostly Macintosh software.
24 Nov 2002 Cat Bathing Cat Bathing: a new form of Matrial Arts. Learn how, here.
11 Nov 2002 Cat Manual Cat owners may enjoy this owner’s manual that should have come with their felines.
03 Nov 2002 Sherman’s Lagoon Now for a change of pace, Sherman’s Lagoon is an hilarious comic, about a big dumb likeable shark named Sherman. Enjoy!
27 Oct 2002
In time for the Holiday, here is a page that describes a bit of the ritual and cerimony of Samhain (what the witches are up to on Oct. 31st).
20 Oct 2002 A Modern Herbal First published in 1931, contains Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs.
14 Oct 2002 Wiccan Candles Canadian Wiccan newsletter, published eight times a year, at the Sabbats.
06 Oct 2002 The Gadgeteer News, reviews, information and links to the latest nifty new gadgets and gizmos.
29 Sep 2002 Television Without Pity Snarky recaps and busy forums about several popular TV shows. Spare the snark, spoil the network.
22 Sep 2002 Squirrel Fishing A new approach to rodent performance evaluation.
15 Sep 2002 The Powerpuff Girls! Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup! Saving the world before bedtime!
08 Sep 2002
Get User Friendly!
I can’t believe I haven’t linked to this before. User Friendly is a very clever daily comic. I visit this site every day.
01 Sep 2002 Subgenius Foundation X-day came and went. What’s up? Where’s “Bob”? The Church of the Subgenius has some theories.
25 Aug 2002 Marijuana Party of Canada This political party has more to offer than you might think. Have a look at their party platform, see what they’re about.
18 Aug 2002 Plymptoons! Bill Plympton, an independant animator, has made some of the wackiest animated shorts and full-length films you will ever see.
11 Aug 2002 Arcata Eye Now you too can keep up-to-date on events in this small Californian town. Check out the Police Log.
04 Aug 2002 The PIC Archive A resource of articles, projects and information on using the PIC microcontroller. This is the chip that I used in my radio beacon.
28 July 2002 Dave Barry! Columnist for the Miami Herald, this guy is Funny! How many other Pulitzer Prize winners write about exploding toilettes / cows / whales?
21 July 2002 Iaido / Kendo FAQ FAQ about Japanese Sword Arts, including information about the swords themselves.
14 July 2002 Minidisc Community Minidiscs. I think they’re cool. Not new, but definately neat.
07 July 2002 Algonquin Park Established in 1893, Algonquin Provincial Park is one of our oldest Parks. It’s also one of my favorite places to be.
30 June 2002 Phil the Forecaster I met Phil at a class about severe weather. He’s a great guy, a severe weather forecaster, and an accomplished artist.
01 July 2002
Canada Day
Canadian Flag Clip Art Gallery A repository of clip art of the Canadian Flag, the Maple Leaf, and links to some great info about the Flag and its history.
21 June 2002 Winsor & Newton Manufacturers of fine Artists’ paints and materials sincd 1832. Excellent web resources to assist new and experienced artists.
14 June 2002 Pagan Pride Toronto September 21,2002: Pagans can gather in Toronto, Ontario to show their pride.
26 May 2002 The Wareham Forge Real blacksmithing. By a real blacksmith. Iron and steel, forged to order.
20 May 2002 Douglas Adams Author of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, and many others.
13 May 2002 Evil Overlord List The top 200+ things to do and not to do, when you take over the world.
06 May 2002 Hellmouth Library How does your library measure up to the Occult section at Sunnydale High?
14 April 2002 Hunkin’s Experiments Tim Hunkin’s fun and interesting experiments. Science. Yumm.