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Autumn and the Mystery Cat

Posted 2015.12.22 19.09 in Cats, Photography by Stephanie

I was cleaning old pictures out of my phone and came across a couple that I meant to post but forgot all about.

This pic was taken over 2 months ago, back on October 12th. I really love the contrast of the intense yellow-orange leaves against the pure blue sky, and the still-green leaves of the tree in the background.


This is the old maple tree in my front yard. I don’t know how old, but it took a beating in the 2013 ice storm. I think it’s the tree that took out my power for a week.

I bear it no grudges though. Like the tree. Hate the winter.

This ginger kitty has started appearing jumping up & over the fence outside my kitchen window.


He seems friendly enough & tentatively allowed me to pet him. When he saw the camera come out though he got suspicious. He didn’t have a collar, but I think he might live next door.

I don’t actually know that it’s a he, but I didn’t like calling him an it, and I don’t know his name.

Maybe it’s Bernice.

Watching Fall

Posted 2013.11.02 17.08 in Cats by Stephanie

Watching Fall

On a cold, dull, wet November day, what is there to do but sit at the window and watch the leaves fall?

Autumn Colours

Posted 2009.11.01 20.37 in Photography, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Blah blah blah it’s Autumn not Fall blah blah.

I wanted to get some more pictures before the leaves have all autumned from the trees. These ones are a particularily bright yellow this year, I didn’t really get any red or brown ones. Just yellow.


Autumn Leaves

All yellow.

More Colours, Less Bright

Posted 2009.10.27 9.55 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

I also decided to try a roll of colour film in my home-made pinhole camera. Once again, I used reversal (slide) film, because I had read it was tempermental and you had to be very precise with your exposures. Obviously, I had to put some through the pinhole camera.

I took about half the exposures on a bright sunny day, and the rest of the exposures on a grey damp evening at dusk. The results are… interesting. I will protest that the scans do not do the slides justice – remember these aren’t 35mm, these are 6cm x 6cm slides (2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches.) There’s something like four times the area on one of these, than a 35mm slide. Lots of detail. Seeing them on a light-table is amazing.

Scanning and down-sizing them for the web and all that… they lose some of their lustre.

Nonetheless, there were some interesting shots…

Technical stuff: Fuji Astia, ISO 100, 120 format, shot with my home-made pinhole camera. Exposures were guesstimated. Processed E-6 by a professional lab.

Darkness and Pain

Posted 2009.10.15 9.33 in DID, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s not what you think.

First off, I’m still rebelling against autumn. Well not rebelling, I guess you can’t really stop the seasons. Maybe moving to the opposite hemisphere would be a way to rebel. I’m just upset about it. This morning, I stayed in bed an extra half hour after the alarm went off and it was still dark when I got up. It feels like getting up at midnight. I can’t get up in the dark. Sure I wake up all the time, but getting up… that’s another matter entirely.

Then there’s the pain. I think that when you’re in pain, it tires you out. Like you have a certain amount of energy for the day, and if you’re in pain then some of that energy is going to into dealing with the pain. And I’m running on diminished capacity anyways, so having something else nibbling away at my reserves is just unfair.

The thing is, I have a toothache. It’s kind of a dull constant throbbing thing. I know any normal person would go and see a dentist, but… I learned at a very early age that dentists are Evil. You think I’m just kidding around. The dentist I saw as a child, was so nasty that his own family saw other dentists. This man scarred me for life, seriously.

My earliest dental memories involve him striking me across the face because I was frightened and wouldn’t open my mouth, then when he did get it open he wedged some kind of stainless steel device in there that had a little crank and it expanded to force my mouth open and keep it that way. I saw a similar device on the Discovery Channel recently, on their Machines of Malice series.

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Autumn…. Ptooey!

Posted 2009.10.13 9.22 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

This year, more than others I can remember, I’m really feeling displeased about autumn.

And for the record, it’s Autumn, not “fall”. Fall is what you do after you trip. Leaves fall in Autumn. Fall is not a season. I don’t care if I’m wrong. It’s Autumn. So there.

Anyways. Every morning it seems to be darker out. And the wet, grey, miserable dampness… every morning it is harder to function. Harder to find the motivation to get up and out. And every day it gets a little colder. Last night I had to add another blanket to my bed, I was freezing!

As much as I love Canada, I just don’t think I’m cut out for the weather here. And as bad as autumn gets, it’s just the prelude to winter! That’s another reason I dislike autumn.

For that matter, I think the real problem is working for a living – I’m getting mighty tired of that too. I mean, if I didn’t have to be at work every day, then I wouldn’t have to get up in the cold/wet/grey/dark and wouldn’t have to worry about finding the motivation or energy to carry on. I could just hibernate through the winter, or at least, stay indoors, crank up the heat, and survive through take-out and delivery services. Sure I could venture out now and then, on the warmer days. But I’d wait till the sun was up and it was well and truly daylight. And I wouldn’t be out for long – just a quick dash for supplies, wine, toys or whatever, then hurry back to my warm cozy house.

Actually, if I’m going to daydream, why not daydream big? If I could do anything, have anything, live anywhere I wanted, I would move to a tropical island type place, like Waikiti – I would have a small 1-room appartment above or behind a clubhouse type bar. I would spend my days messing around on the water with boats, or buzzing around in bizzare flying machines, and my evenings would be wasted away relaxing in a big comfy easy chair, with some nice chilled German wines.

I probably wouldn’t live long, but I’d live well.