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Snail Babies!

Posted 2009.11.17 18.44 in Aquaria by Stephanie
Oh No!

Oh No!

So when I got home from work, I looked and the clutch hadn’t changed at all. Like an idiot, I poked it and it fell off the filter and broke. Some babies spilled out but they weren’t moving…. :-O

I thought I’d killed it, but put it on some foam in the tank just in case. Then I realized they were moving! The babies were moving towards the water!

So I kept watching and there were more babies – the egg clutch was sort of hollow, as if they had been hatching inwards to the middle of it instead of outward. Now I’ve been sitting and watching the wee babies moving into the water – it’s amazing!

They're Alive!

I even saw one go parasnailing! Fresh-hatched and it was parasnailing! It slowly went into the water then spread its wee foot out, let go, and gently glided downwards in a spiral. Tee-hee!



Snail Eggs Update

Posted 2009.11.14 17.25 in Aquaria by Stephanie

There’s still two clutches, I’ve left them where they are to let them incubate where the snail(s) put them.

The first clutch is now two weeks old. It’s awkwardly placed on the back of a filter, and I don’t think I’d be able to get it off without damaging it anyways. When it hatches, the babies will just drop down into the tank I guess. The first clutch is the larger one, being over 2 inches long I think.

First Clutch, 2 weeks along

First Clutch, 2 weeks along

It could just be wishful thinking, but it looks to me that the clutch is starting to turn colour, and I can see what I think are black spots in some of the eggs – little dark coloured babies maybe?

With luck, the first clutch will hatch some time in the next week or so – I’ve read 3 weeks is a common incubation period.

The second clutch is in a better spot for watching and dealing with – I could put a net breeder under it, or even try and knock it off into a net, if I wanted to put the babies somewhere else.

If 3 weeks is the magic number, then the second one has about another fortnight to go.

Second Clutch, 1 week along.

Second Clutch, 1 week along.

The second clutch is small, only about an inch and a half long, and a half inch around.

Counting the Eggs before They’re Laid

Posted 2009.08.11 13.36 in Aquaria by Stephanie

I think my big blue snail is loaded with eggs! The past two nights, after dark she has hauled herself up out of the water and has been searching around the top of the aquarium. In my limited experience, they just don’t do that for the heck of it – full size apple snails aren’t exactly graceful out of the water. I imagine for them, it’s like lugging around 300 or 400 pounds of scuba equipment – managable and easy underwater, but ungainly and massive in the air. So for her to climb straight up out of the water, and another 3 inches or so to the top, then search all around, she must have some serious business to attend to.

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Magical Miracle Mystery Babies? POSERS!

Posted 2009.07.13 17.21 in Aquaria by Stephanie

So a week ago I found baby snails in my aquarium. I was all surprised because my snails lay eggs and there had been no eggs – not even any mating. Consensus was that the trio of babies had hitch-hiked in on a plant or something. It happens.

But then, I kept finding more of them. And more of them. The count stands at eight now, and they are not all the same size. Most are about 3.5mm in diameter, but two are runts, half that size. Something just didn’t seem to add up.

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Snail Babies!!

Posted 2009.07.09 10.42 in Aquaria, Photography by Stephanie

They’re Snails! They’re babies! They’re snail babies!

I don’t know where they came from – my snails haven’t laid any egg clutches, there hasn’t even been any hot snail-on-snail action, but there’s babies!┬áThe snail stork must have made a wrong turn…