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Not a Photoblog

Posted 2011.07.28 8.35 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I figured I’d just slip this comment in here – this isn’t a photoblog, it’s just that I’ve been on a photography kick for the past month or so.

Before that it was an electronics thing.

And anyways, the photography stuff probably makes for better reading than the alternative – whinging about the terrible crippling back-pain I’ve been suffering since the end of June.

So – more pictures and camera talk to come! 🙂


Posted 2009.05.29 21.54 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Not long ago, I was pondering the correlation between aches and pains, and weather. While I don’t have any further data or revalations to add to that post, I figured I’d explain a bit more about why my back hurts like hell at times… You see, back when I was 18, my friend called me up and asked “Hang Gliding or Parachuting?”

It didn’t take too long to figure that one out. Hang gliding is insane crazy dangerous, where you risk your life hanging from a bunch of aluminum tubes and nylon. Whereas with parachuting, your life hangs from nylon and rope. When you crash with a hang glider, you risk impaling yourself on aluminum tubes. When you crash with a parachute, there’s nothing to impale yourself on (other than stuff on the ground.) And finally, if you go parachuting, at least you have a parachute!

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Weather -> Aches & Pains

Posted 2009.05.07 9.40 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I’m trying to comprehend the connection between some kinds of weather, i.e. cold, damp, and an increase in the frequency or severity of aches and pains. Maybe you know someone who has mentioned that their aches and pains are worse when it’s damp. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself. Or, like that familiar phrase “must be a storm coming, I can feel it in my bones”. 

In my experience, damp weather / rain is most often cited as the reason for the increased discomfort. However, I find it hard to accept that dampness / rain is the actual cause. My doubt stems from the fact that our joints and bones are simply not exposed to the elements: they are hidden under protective layers of wet squidgy stuff and wrapped under a water-resistant coating of skin. Consequently, damp or wet air simply cannot directly reach the bones or joints.

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