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Balloon Bust-A-Thon

Posted 2006.09.02 0.00 in Lasers

I’ve put together a little movie with some music and stuff, it’s good fun, a nice tune, and amusing images. At least, I think so.

It’s called Balloon Bust-A-Thon.

It could be subtitled though, ‘You know you’re a laser enthusiast if this movie makes you giggle non-stop.’

Warning: It’s just over 2 minutes long, and about 20MB download.


Balloon Bust-A-Thon


Zap! Pop!

Posted 2006.08.31 0.00 in Lasers

Been slaughtering more balloons lately. It’s just as fun as matches, but less smelly. A bit noisier though.

I think I’m going to put together a little movie of balloon bursts, maybe try to sync it with some music or something.

Here’s two more pictures of balloons, right at the moment of extinction.

Beam about to punch through balloon.
Beam about to punch through balloon.

Beam piercing both sides of the balloon.
Beam piercing both sides of the balloon.


Posted 2006.08.26 0.00 in Lasers

Here’s an infrared picture of an invisible infrared laser, and one of many balloons that has fallen victem to its powerful infrared ray.

You can see the balloon has been captured in this frame, at the very moment of extinction.



Lasers vs. Baloons!

Posted 2006.08.07 0.00 in Lasers

It’s not all wine and fine dining – there’s still laser fun going on around here!

Here are three more movies, of baloons and the lasers that burst them.

Pulsar Blowing Green and Black Baloons

Pulsar Blowing White Baloon through Electrical Tape

Greenie Blowing White Baloon and Match

Pulsar vs. Green Baloon - Pop!